Happy Apple WWDC day! What are they announcing? Add your predictions.

Ryan Hoover
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Today Apple is hosting WWDC at Moscone in San Francisco. The event will be streamed at apple.com/apple-events/ today at 10am Pacific Time. Until then, let's play a game. What do you predict they'll announce?


Ryan Hoover
There's a rumor they might (finally!) fix this:
@rrhoover 😮finally! let's hope so
Ryan Hoover
@abadesi I think they've been sandbagging things like this and dark mode. Both are an "easy win" to appeal to the crowd. 😂
@abadesi @rrhoover What do you want fixed with the volume UI?
@rrhoover Maybe we'll get more info on the Apple AR glasses folks discussed during CES? There is still so far we need to go to play with the kind of gadgets they had in movies like Minority Report. I'm hoping some announcements today get me closer to my sci-fi dreams 🤓
Ferenc Forgacs
@rrhoover @abadesi how about an "AR helmet" that looks like the one the Daft Punk guys are wearing? Like the gold one: It could be glasses and a display at the same time. You could also replace your real face with your facemoji :D No #badhairdays, no makeup, express your emotions with animations. Countless possibilities :) Just for the record, just kidding. But, let me know if someone is building something like this.🤖
@rrhoover No more iTunes and iOS wide dark mode!!!! 🎶🌚
Dan Edwards
@rrhoover All I want is dark mode 🌚
George Bougakov
@rrhoover I hope that there will be more iPad features, more Shortcuts things, a desktop-grade version of Safari for iPad (can we have devtools pweeeeassse???) and dark mode
George Bougakov
@rrhoover bash on iOS would be cool, too (iSH doesn’t cut it)
Vlad Calus
@rrhoover @gbougakov still never used the Shortcuts, and have no idea how
Pedro Wunderlich
@rrhoover Most excited about advances in Marzipan, so I can bring our silly apps to the Mac!
Rohit Kaul
@rrhoover This image is circulating since today morning and I am hoping that it is just a rumor.
Ryan Hoover
@seekingn0rth what is that? Multiple cameras?
Rohit Kaul
@rrhoover yes, triple camera phone, which on its own merit is good. But design is awful (if leaked images are right). More here https://venturebeat.com/2019/01/...
Mark Bruckert
@rrhoover My predications are: Dark Mode, New Volume Indicator (Top Left), Marzipan (Finally!), new Reminders and Email Apps, more info on Services (Apple Card, Arcade, etc.), New TV, Music, and Books apps for MacOS, and hopefully better Siri/Shortcuts support.
Mark Bruckert
@rrhoover @vladcalus Marzipan is a framework that Apple is developing that allows you to bring iOS apps to the Mac.
Jim Liu
@rrhoover ApplePay ’s one-click buynow
Bob Williams
@rrhoover Very little hardware news (hope I'm wrong), a lot of incremental improvements/refinements that are probably very useful, but seem unexciting initially.
Fabian Frey
@rrhoover Apple Search It‘s a long shot, but a privacy focused search engine from apple would be nice..
@rrhoover Long shot, but a macbook pro redesign
Leigh Vanderhamm
@rrhoover @zyqxd good gawd ! this is a flippin must !! this dumpster fire of a keyboard makes me want to chunk my MBP at a wall almost on the daily !
@rrhoover OMG new customizations for Memoji... guess it's time for me to upgrade my iPhone so I can play with these 😍
Kunal Bhatia
I've never wanted a monitor so bad before. #NanoTextureGlassOrBust
Thiago Sardim
@rrhoover If people start using it instead facebook login its is going to kill all social network startups. It’s almost impossible to go viral without Facebook invite feature.