Does having a boyfriend/girlfriend affect an entrepreneur's life? How?

Alex Spitz
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I've not been in a relationship during my very short life of entrepreneur. From your experience, is a relationship making you less/more efficient, etc.? What are your thoughts about it? Just a simple question :)


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It's about the choices you ultimately decide to make if / when you enter the relationship, right? If you are going out there looking for someone new to date then at least you can come to a very early understanding that you are going to have a more than likely crazy schedule. If they aren't okay with that than it would probably be best not to go any further with them. That being said, if you are already with someone and you have a sudden change in lifestyle/work, that would probably cause a lot of push back and make you less efficient for a bit because the adjustment period both people need to go through. Just my thoughts!
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@austinmeta Hi, Thank you very much for your answer. I'm sure there are studies about it somewhere on the internet :) (even if it is something totally subjective)