Best speech timing ever ⏲️✅

Alex Spitz
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Friday I had this final talk thing at the end of a 6 months internship. I've never been that good at preparing presentation, but better at just saying things in general. Well, even if it was an important exam, I prepared 75% of the powerpoint the night before :) (and 25% the morning of the pres 😭). Then I went in front of the jury to make my 30 min (supposed) presentation. I had the timer on my computer, and arriving at the last slide (which was "Thank You") I was at 29:00 minutes. So I thanked approximately everyone in my internship company & at my school. I stopped talking at 29:59. The perfect timing was the first thing the president of the jury mentioned. Never happened to me and I don't think it will happen soon again. In conclusion: Work as you know you can work. Do not work as other people tell you to work, and even more if it's only for yourself. Bye🧡


Alex Spitz
PS: I'm quite no one to give you advice, but take it if you feel like this is interesting or just leave it
taylor hill
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