What would you use if you were looking to build a content curation website?

Ildi Xhaholli
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So far my research points to https://chipmunktheme.com but support/updates for this theme are no longer happening because the devs have parted ways. I also wonder if wordpress is the best platform for this type of website?


@madebyildi Who will be curating the content? Will it be user generated?
Ildi Xhaholli
@abadesi content will first be collected and organized using algorithms which is then filtered by human editor(s) that will hand pick the best quality stuff. Users also have the ability to submit content which is held for moderation.
Ryan Hoover
@madebyildi consider using Airtable if you want a no-code solution to get up and running quickly. You should also check out @bentossell's Makerpad if you're interested in this space.
Ildi Xhaholli
@rrhoover @bentossell i've just spent 3 hours going down the rabbit hole of Makerpad and Airtable. Webflow seems like a good tool to build an MVP for a curated directory. This tutorial was particularly interesting https://www.makerpad.co/tutorial... I wonder if Webflow is suitable for content databases that may grow to become large quickly. A site that publishes 30 links a day can grow to 10,000 posts in 12 months. Also not sure if Webflow supports user accounts, upvotes, total post views, and post bookmarking type of features. SEO is also very important for time sensitive curated content. This is one of the main reasons I continue to gravitate towards Wordpress and why Chipmunk wp theme seemed like the best choice. I was trying to repurpose the theme to build something that looks like https://getpocket.com/explore/tr... I've been on a mission to build a site that curates the best hiphop content. I believe i've put together a curation process that can do better than what's on https://www.reddit.com/r/hiphoph... - i'm very much inspired by the sites below: https://techmeme.com https://redef.com https://www.producthunt.com https://www.indiehackers.com https://reddit.com https://digg.com I considered starting just a newsletter to begin with but because there is so much content in hiphop, my research tells me that a site to compliment the newsletter would be key.
Sam Dickie
@madebyildi - Totally agree with the suggestions above! Personally i wouldn't worry about scale just yet, otherwise you might be searching for weeks to find the perfect solution and most likely to build something to that extent will take a lot of time. I would create a quick MVP using a no-code tool and ship it and get feedback - if they uptake is strong then perhaps consider finding a scalable solution. Community based content is tough - i've build and advised on this for a while. You need critical mass to get both the right amount of supply and demand in place. Again i would focus on getting something out their asap and then gauge interest.
Irma Mesa
@madebyildi Have you looked into Table2Site? You could potentially build an Airtable base, set up the content, include functions to update records and that will then reflect on your site via Table2Site.
Ildi Xhaholli
@_justirma I did discover Table2Site yesterday as well but it looked very limited. Im going to play around with Table2Site + Sheet2Site today to gain a better understanding of what's possible