Substack, Revue, Mailchimp, or Ghost? Which service would you use to launch a newsletter today?

Ildi Xhaholli
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Would love to hear the reasons why you would pick one over the others. Also if there is another platform that you think should be considered please do share!


Andrii Kpyto
Well, I voted for Mailchimp BUT I'm not a big fun of it. I used some smaller competitors, and from some point of view they has better UX and workflow that "all-in-one" Mailchimp service.
Ildi Xhaholli
@kpyto what is the main reason why you voted for Mailchimp? Is there something in particular that you really like about their service?
Andrii Kpyto
@madebyildi first, because it simple and suitable for a small team\project, includes mails, surveys etc. I'm missing at MC additional smart segmentation, it's not so adaptive, required many manual clicks.
Lee Launches
Revue due to the way it integrates with twitter!
Ildi Xhaholli
@mrexplainer I agree with this as well especially if someone already has built an audience/following on Twitter. It's probably the most compelling reason to go with Revue but I am not a big fan of their email template and how the layout looks on mobile. I really wish they would offer more options there.
We haven't launched yet but we're going to be using Mailchimp with Revue integrated - ie have the fancy Twitter box for sign-ups but the emails going from Mailchimp.... Picked Mailchimp because we are familiar with it and it syncs nicely with Hubspot which is our CRM.
Ildi Xhaholli
@maxwellcdavis I did not know that you could do this, very cool! Is this your own personal workaround or Twitter + Revue offer a Mailchimp integration? If you dont mind me asking, do you already have an audience for your newsletter or are you building it all up from scratch?
@madebyildi I found a Zap in Zapier that adds new subscribers from Revue to Mailchimp - that's what we're going to use. Building from scratch but we've got a couple of months before we launch to grab some subscribers...
Ildi Xhaholli
@maxwellcdavis that's a really nice trick, good thinking! I will keep an eye out for your launch and wish you the best of luck on the project!
Carsten Pleiser
Ghost, hosted on Digital Ocean, is awesome.
Ildi Xhaholli
@ckpleiser any particular newsletters built using Ghost that you'd recommend checking out?
I'd prefer substack anytime!!
Ildi Xhaholli
what do you like the most about substack?
I mostly Use Convertkit & Mailchimp for Any Kind of Newsletter Services.
Ildi Xhaholli
@itshemantsharma I dont know much about ConvertKit. Is there something they offer that you like better compared to Mailchimp?
Ivanna Wendel
⚡ LabiBlog as Ghost Alternative! It was launched here on PH -
Ildi Xhaholli
@ivanna_wendel got any LabiBlog examples you can show us?
Wilhelm Rahn
Voted for Substack. Even though Revue is great if you have a Twitter following, Subtack _feels_ platform agnostic and more approachable IMO. Plus, is helps diacoverability a bit more than the other option. Or at least, that's what I've seen from a user perspective :)
Ildi Xhaholli
@wilhelmr Substack does seem to have the benefit of community/network effects. It's the service im thinking of experimenting with. But I am curious to hear from Substack writers about where they think things can improve and what is currently lacking on the platform. Sometimes you only find out the bad stuff once you get your hands dirty.
Sarah Jordi
I would use Mailchimp, but tbh, only because that's the tool I'm most familiar with and it covers all of my needs.
Farhan Kabir
I'm not sure about others since I have'nt yet used them. But Mailchimp served my purpose well enough
Md Salehin Khan
I picked ghost because it's an all-in-one solution. I can send out a newsletter, Publish content, Use it as a Customer communication tool & Also can run a paid membership business. Also, My business is built around ghost-related products. But before that I am a happy user of Ghost
Alexis Grant
I'm a fan of ConvertKit because it's user friendly (except creating a template / designing the newsletter). Easy to create welcome series + easy to embed on your website. My experience with this tool has been better than MailChimp. Do you care about SEO? If so, I wouldn't use Substack; I'd use ConvertKit or another tool that's a complement to your website.
Hi lldi, you can also check out an upcoming product I am building: It is an all-in-one solution for content, podcast, newsletter, and membership. Here is our main site:
Alireza Dodangi
I really use ghost . I also read an article here last week that was very helpful. I wanted to make an offer to you.