How do you find beta testers for your apps?

Dawid Tkocz
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Hi gang! We're launching a new SaaS MarTech app which is pretty difficult to understand to people (as far as we can see), so I'd like to invite more testers to get feedback about lack of information during onboarding, not clear messages, etc. Could you share your experience in terms of "paid" user enrollment during the beta stage? Best, Dawid


Dan Edwards
@davidtkocz I try to reach out to people in my network who might also be my target market first, but try and focus on people that will be honest, not just friends who tell you everything is great. Alongside this I used Ship to create an upcoming page and from there I was able to get people who were interested to try my product out before it went live. And it never hurts to simply share on your social channels what you're building and see if anyone wants to be invited to try it early - people love to try new things out before others!
Denisa Bokar
@davidtkocz How did you figure it was difficult to understand - were any of those feedback people from your target market? Rather than finding "paid" beta testing users, why not offer the product at a discounted price (if the product is not already free) to current/potential customers?
Felix Wenzel
@davidtkocz To get more beta users I can recommend websites like BetaList, Betabound, Beta Page. Also, send users a personal email asking them if they would be ok the interviewed. Even if you don't monetary incentives some people would agree. Not a lot, but still