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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 09, 2015


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    richa gangwaniDigital marketing

    Startups can fix their bugs or issues with the help of reviews.

    Can Get good traffic too.



    Betapage is too helpful for developers, designers or any Tech lover who have started their new business on new Technologies. They can grow their visibility and get genuine reviews which help them to improving their services and productivity.

    I fully recommend Betapage.

    richa gangwani has used this product for one day.
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    must not have much of an testers in over a year

    There's an expectation that if you submit your app for beta testing someone, at least, one person will be brave enough to test it

    Patrina Mack has used this product for one year.


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Jiten BansalMaker@jiten_bansal · Founder of
Welcome to betapage, Since we realized there is a need of a free platform to attract early adopters for any product in beta stage so we made , It is free and always will be. You all are welcome to provide us your valuable suggestions, even we want to invite you all as moderator for this platform. Please contribute and help new startups. Cheers !!!
Matt Williams@strilliams · Head Designer @ Bloom
@jiten_bansal "Unlike betalist we don't charge for listing and will never charge."
Kim Schulz@kimschulz · Staff Engineer, Software
Would really benefit from a filtering function so I could filter out all ipad/iphone apps and only see the relevant ones.
Jiten BansalMaker@jiten_bansal · Founder of
@kimschulz Thank you for suggestion. Very soon you will see these options. We will try to make it more user friendly.
Bilel Kouider@billkouider · CEO at Wepic
We submitted 2 weeks ago our startup (Wepic) on BetaPage and we got awesome feedback from early adopter. Thanks to them we improve lot of functionalities. Very easy to use, I personally recommend it.
Beta DirectoryMaker@sharmadwivid · Ask for app review
@billkouider Thank you for your valuable feedback!!!
Jiten BansalMaker@jiten_bansal · Founder of
@billkouider We just started about a month ago and we are very happy that you got awesome results from betapage.
daniellevine@daniellevine · Fireside
@jiten_bansal betapage looks great. in what regard do you differ from others like betalist and startuplist? Is your platform limited to mobile apps and games? i.e. would you not feature a hardware product?
Jiten BansalMaker@jiten_bansal · Founder of
@daniellevine Unlike betalist we don't charge for listing and will never charge. We have upvote and comment option which is not available in betalist and startuplist. We are inviting moderators to maintain this platform to keep a check on quality and spamming as we want to dedicate this platform to the growth of start-ups, we don’t want to make it commercial. Right now we don’t have a big team for development and monitoring so we have opened it for mobile apps and games, as moderators join us we will open it for other apps also.
Rodney Rumford@rumford · Co-founder of HipGif & Product Manager
@jiten_bansal Fantastic idea. Nice execution. I will be submitting a startup. :)
Jiten BansalMaker@jiten_bansal · Founder of
@rumford Thanks for your words of appreciation ;)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
@jiten_bansal But Betalist is not paid? Great misconception that they only feature products that have paid for their listing - fact of the matter is most submissions are NOT THAT GOOD cc @marckohlbrug
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
Dan already asked my questions, so all I'll say is: good luck! And please stop hijacking my scrolling ;)
Beta DirectoryMaker@sharmadwivid · Ask for app review
@thetylerhayes We appreciate your reply Thanks for your valuable concern!!!