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Welcome to betapage, Since we realized there is a need of a free platform to attract early adopters for any product in beta stage so we made , It is free and always will be. You all are welcome to provide us your valuable suggestions, even we want to invite you all as moderator for this platform. Please contribute and help new startups. Cheers !!!
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@jiten_bansal "Unlike betalist we don't charge for listing and will never charge."
Would really benefit from a filtering function so I could filter out all ipad/iphone apps and only see the relevant ones.
@kimschulz Thank you for suggestion. Very soon you will see these options. We will try to make it more user friendly.
We submitted 2 weeks ago our startup (Wepic) on BetaPage and we got awesome feedback from early adopter. Thanks to them we improve lot of functionalities. Very easy to use, I personally recommend it.
@billkouider Thank you for your valuable feedback!!!
@billkouider We just started about a month ago and we are very happy that you got awesome results from betapage.
@jiten_bansal betapage looks great. in what regard do you differ from others like betalist and startuplist? Is your platform limited to mobile apps and games? i.e. would you not feature a hardware product?
@daniellevine Unlike betalist we don't charge for listing and will never charge. We have upvote and comment option which is not available in betalist and startuplist. We are inviting moderators to maintain this platform to keep a check on quality and spamming as we want to dedicate this platform to the growth of start-ups, we don’t want to make it commercial. Right now we don’t have a big team for development and monitoring so we have opened it for mobile apps and games, as moderators join us we will open it for other apps also.
@jiten_bansal Fantastic idea. Nice execution. I will be submitting a startup. :)
@rumford Thanks for your words of appreciation ;)
@jiten_bansal But Betalist is not paid? Great misconception that they only feature products that have paid for their listing - fact of the matter is most submissions are NOT THAT GOOD cc @marckohlbrug

They cold emailed me asking me to list my startup. Then when I went through the process to submit it (with poor UX, I would add) I was told I was put into a waiting list of 45 days and needed to pay them in order to expedite review. Shady outbound marketing tactics and unethical behavior by this team in my opinion, for what amounts to basically another version of product hunt. Growth hackers at VC-funded or larger orgs might convince companies to pay these guys money but please don't.


Not sure


Yet another startup directory trying to take your money.