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@desisaran Thanks for the kind words and retweeting :) @rrhoover Thanks Ryan. You're reading my mind. Seriously you are. Every week or so I see you mentioning something that's in my Trello board haha. – Plan is to provide a newsletter just for investors for $xxx/mo with the most promising startups, including in-depth interviews + some magic sauce that I'm keeping secret for now ;) @_ryangilbert Great to hear that. Thanks!
Yo @marckohlbrugge! I appreciate anyone helping founders/product builders. Great work with Beta List! I know several investors follow Beta List (same as PH) hunting for promising startups. I'm curious if you are or have experimented by offering services or paid features for investors.
@rrhoover When you say curating do you mean the startups to include, or the investors? Choosing the right startups involves some manual labor combined with traction data we'll start measuring at some point. I have no plans to filter the investor side yet (except for the paywall) and will have the startup founders do their own vetting. (At some point perhaps with a TheFunded-like anonymous feedback system)
Some of the startups we featured before they launched and made it big include Pinterest, IFTTT and Mailbox. There are some similarties to Product Hunt except that we focus on pre-launch startups only and all startups are submitted by the founders themselves. This means we're often truly the first to cover a startup, before any other site. Would love your comments. Happy to answer any questions. I also just wrote this Medium article how about I started BetaList: How I tricked TechCrunch into writing about my startup
@marckohlbrugge BetaList is one of the few sites I check every morning :) Also love your story for getting TechCrunch to write about you.