Cost effective CRM & marketing automation?

Peyton Goen
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Hello all, I was wondering what you, as makers and founders, use for marketing automation, sales, and CRM software/platforms/services? I have used the standards (Salesforce, Hubspot, etc), but am looking for suggestions that rival the utility of these tools while working better with a lean budget (aka leave more money for the product/team/marketing). I would love to hear your thoughts!


Ivan  Popov
@Peyton So, I'm using Pipedrive for CRM and love their Automatisation system that helps me to send emails, integrate with chatbots. A great​ solution for sales funnel!
Ashley Jane
@peyton There are number of tools available in the market but which provides such services does not comes cheap. It is not affordable for Startups and Small business though there are many platforms available which are new in the market and provides exceptionally well services. You will get the service at 12$ as there is some promotional program is running. is a fully Integrated platform and a common data model ensures your information is fully utilized across CRM, Sales Automation, and Marketing Automation functions. All businesses see and work on the same data and no need for manual transfer of data. It is driven by Machine Learning, It improves outcomes and delivers successful customer engagement. Our pre-built predictive models pinpoints leads and deals worth pursuing with the next-best action. Not limited for CRM and Marketing Automation but also working on Social media integration as well. A biased recommendation.
Bogdan Glushko
@peyton vouch for Pipedrive or we actually use in couple project vTiger community. Free and very powerful, but you have to maintain.
@peyton Streak is good for CRM though prone to bugs if you have a huge database. I like Buffer for automating social media posts.
Becky DeForest
@peyton I like Drip for email marketing and automation, but their CRM capabilities are less than desirable. Another that I use is Jumplead - they have email campaigns, forms, automation and workloads, and a decent CRM with stages, notes, tasks, tags, etc.
Justin Hales
@peyton you might try Coda as a lightweight CRM (and less costly than traditional CRMs). It might not have all the bells and whistles, but it is super flexible: Coda also has automations, so you could potentially build your own light weight marketing automation tool as well (especially if you connected it to Zapier). Note: I'm on the Coda team, so I'm biased :)
Radhika Mohan Singh Roy
@peyton If you're looking for an affordable, integrated all-in-one marketing, sales & support platform with a free CRM, look no further than EngageBay. They offer almost all the features that Hubspot does, at a fraction of the cost. Sign up for a free account and see what it can do.
Scott Chen
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Dipali Kumari
Hey Peyton, There are so much CRM tools which are available in the market. Among them Corefactors AI CRM will be your best choice because it has economical price range and you can customize it according to your natura and need of an organization. This CRM has soo much integrated function. For more information, visit at Now a days ,it is compared with many CRM tool