Product Hunt Ship vs. Landing Pages?

Peyton Goen
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Product Hunt ship pages look great and seem to be perfect for the lead-up to a Product Hunt launch. How do you use this in conjunction with a pre-launch landing page? Should one take precedence over the other? Should they be treated the same? I would love to hear the thoughts of any and all!


I think this depends on your goals. I've used a Ship page as my sole landing page before, the messaging function with survey support is quite handy for keeping folks engaged and getting opinions. Is there a particular product you have in mind when asking the question?
Peyton Goen
@abadesi I have two projects in mind: one is for a very niche audience (creative industry, art directors, artists) while the other is for a more broad audience (goal is to acquire a very large audience and hopefully rise to the top of PH on launch day).