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Jeroen Corthout πŸ€–
@jeroen_corthoutΒ Β· Co-Founder Salesflare
First of all, thanks @bramk for hunting Salesflare! We're psyched to be here. My co-founder Lieven and I love to automate our work by building intelligent systems. We deeply believe in software that works for its user, not the other way around. About two years ago we had enough of manually inputting data in different CRMs. It is a real pain to keep a CRM … See more
Colin L.
@xolinΒ Β· Growth at Tilt
At Udacity's Udacity Blitz team, we looked pretty hard to find a CRM that would allow us to easily track all interactions our team has with clients and give us some more intelligence and enrichment, all without input. Salesflare has all of this out-of-the-box. In Salesflare, we can open an account and automatically see every email conversation, note, and at… See more
Savvas Zortikis
@savvaszortikisΒ Β· Co-founder & CEO at Viral Loops
Just starting using Salesflare and I'm so excited about it! Most probably we'll move permanently to you guys :) Keep up the great work! πŸ™Œ
Johannes Vlk
@venturetips_comΒ Β· Founder of VentureTips
Great job! This looks like a really promising CRM tool. Do you also support multiple pipelines? I'd like to make separate processes for prospects, investors, press, ... Is that possible?
Bert Van Wassenhove
Great tool, love it. Looking forward to a Google Inbox integration.