Nicolas Le RouxGrowth Marketer

Anyone knows about a good website to showcase my writings as a freelance writer?

I'm looking for a place like Dribbble for designers or GitHub for developers to showcase my writings and get feedback from other writers.
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    Medium 2.0

    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub · Written
    Medium is an awesome resource for writers and readers alike, and the way it's structured, it's insanely easy to give feedback. You can add your catalogue of work to your profile and track the metrics on each piece individually and collectively.
    William SternlichtDangerously Curious. Stanford '17. · Written
    Medium is incredibly simple to set up and share your stories, and as Kate wrote, allows people to give feedback seamlessly. They also make it easy to integrate your medium articles into your website if you choose to create your own portfolio site at a later date.
    I feel that on Medium you don't really get feedback about how to write better but more about the content itself and ideas. Maybe I'm wrong. Besides, clients don't allow to republish an article on Medium.
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    The ultimate market for content

    Danielle Geva✨ Dare to Create 🍵 Hōjicha Co. · Written
    Contently let you create a writing portfolio by adding publications and links to articles. This way you can showcase your work for feedback without having to republish it. The only downside is there's no formal way to solicit and receive feedback on the platform itself.
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    The best stories, written by anyone

    Danielle Geva✨ Dare to Create 🍵 Hōjicha Co. · Written
    Wattpad has mostly stories, but since people love giving writing advice it can be used for any format.