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Gabriel LewisπŸ€”

What's the most exciting thing Apple launched today and why?

Today Apple released a lot of stuff! What are you most excited by and why?
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    Apple HomePod

    The new home entertainment system by Apple

    Nick AbouzeidMarketing @ MainStreet Β· Written
    I'm terribly excited for a standalone Apple speaker. As much as I love my Bose bluetooth speaker (and as much as Siri needs some serious help), being able to hear my notifications read to me from across the room will be great.
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    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    Apple HomePod is a great example of how Apple has integrated Beats into their company, launched a new product line, and still stayed true to what they believe. Apple has been in home entertainment for a long time with iTunes, Apple TV, etc., but this hardware gets me personally excited as an audiophile! I love the software-driven approach to how they're tackling speakers and everyone should take notice! πŸ”Š 😍
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    joshua bradleyPassionate about making life better Β· Written
    I was not in the market for any kind of assistant style product but I like the approach of a more focused and secure home assistant than the Echo or Home
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    iOS 11

    The latest operating system from Apple

    Jonathan GresleyFather / Husband - I draw pictures Β· Written
    The new iPad UI is damn impressive, and really brings the pro to the iPad Pro. But, the biggest thing is the file compression optimizations that come with Mail, Messages, and HEVC video encoding. Really exciting stuff.
    Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    I'm bummed that iOS innovation doesn't seem to be progressing as quickly as it was in the early days of the platform, but new features like drag and drop have me excited about the potential about what I can do with my devices in the future. The dream is to have an ipad that can fully replace my macbook as my computer for all things. It's not quite there yet, but I can see this happening within a couple more years.
  3. Vinh Pham🀀 · Written
    I've been high on AR for a long time but hadn't seen many great uses beyond Snap's live filters and a few borderline gimmicky uses in print advertisement. I'm excited to see what comes out of this field now that Apple is making development more accessible to teams that previously couldn't fathom development for one reason or another.
    Has to be ARKit for me. Really excited to see what the likes of snapchat do as well as the bunch of smaller teams who now have the capability to get started on AR apps
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    Sambruce JosephProduct Designer Β· Written
    AR has always been a wide area to be explored. What more when the ARKit gives the ability to use AR in millions of Apple devices around the world. This can be a next step in technology.
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    MacOS High Sierra

    Apple's newest MacOS update

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    MacOS High Sierra is baked! And Safari is faster than ever! ...but in all seriousness, OS improvements are what drive the whole Apple platform forward. Without it, there would only be unusable metal enclosures. This is my most exciting software launch.
  5. Bradley PouletteProduct Manager & Founder Β· Edited
    They're clearly pushing for the tablet-based work enironment, and although it's basic, the fact that they announced a file explorer means that they're taking serious steps to making the tablet experience something usable beyond the usual grandma tasks.
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    Tuck RossSVP Digital Marketing BBVA. Β· Written
    This is my fav. Finally taking steps years later to attempt to 'save' the flagging iPad business by actually making it a functioning business device. See if this will help them get closer to business sales that have been dominated by SurfacePros.
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    Apple watchOS 4

    New watch, Siri, and Apple Music faces

    Anne-Laure Le CunffFounder, Ness Labs Β· Written
    I'm biased as I used to work in wearable tech, but I'm excited about the new features Apple are launching on the watch, and the fact that they seem to believe in that category in general. The new Siri-powered watch face addresses the limited screen space challenge in a smart way, and I couldn't agree more with their commitment to the health and fitness space (smart workouts, connectivity with 3P hardware such as continuous glucose monitors) as it is the most relevant use case.
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    Apple Core ML

    Integrate a broad variety of ML model types into your app

    TrumanFounder @ First Β· Written
    It was a matter of time before Apple took strides to catch up with Google and Facebook in this department. It may be too early to tell, but because of their ecosystem, and the way they seem to be gearing towards cultivating young programmers, I believe this release is most exciting for Apple.
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    Metal 2

    Apple's graphics API is revamped, now with VR & ML

    They are trying to extract as much as possible from existing hardware. I think this is great because upgrading hardware is expensive. The ability to extract more from my Macbook without having to get a new one is just amazeballs!
  9. Tuck RossSVP Digital Marketing BBVA. Β· Written
    Big change for Apple to open a major competitor to Apple TV. Candidly, this will help me stick with Apple TV vs moving to Chromecast or Fire TV exclusively since I can get Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes all in one place.