Yngve HøisethCo-founder and CTO at Empiricast

Life and relations management system

I feel the need for a system/set of apps to manage my life, which integrates a few things: 1. Synchronize contacts between different systems, like Google, iCloud, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. 2. Log interactions with contacts on a diverse set of systems such as Messenger, email, phone calls, etc. with as little manual work as possible. 3. Some way to organize my goals, notes and tasks in a GTD-like way. 4. Time management/calendar. There are some personal CRMs out there, like discussed [here](https://www.producthunt.com/ask/...). Also, there are GTD systems like Todoist and Things. But I feel like there's an unnecessary gap between them. Just to be clear, this is meant as a personal thing (not for a business), but which integrates with tools I might use in any particular job, such as Salesforce or HubSpot.