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What are the best platforms available for on-demand user testing of your product?

There multiple usertesting tools which allows to watch videos of your users speaking their thoughts on your website, app, or prototype. What are some favorite tools for prelaunch testing?
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  1. Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    BIG fan of UserTesting. We've used it several times to get feedback on pre-released UI from (important) people that don't know Product Hunt already. Pro tip: Be sure to have another person (ideally someone not on your team) read through the instructions and questions asked of testers. It's easy to confuse testers or ask leading questions when you're so close to your own product.
    Get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use websites, mobile apps, prototypes, and more.
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    Peek by UserTesting

    Get a free, 5-minute video of someone using your site

    Timothy GrahamDirector Digital Strategy & Innovation · Written
    Great for quick reactions to something and Free!
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    InVision + UserTesting

    A free integration for better user research

    Invision and UserTesting have partnered to give InVision users a faster, more seamless way to capture insight into their app, website, or prototype.
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    Discover tomorrow's startups, today.

    Over 25,000 early adopters ready to provide you with valuable feedback.
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    Erli Bird

    Early adopter feedback and beta testing community

    Omer Molad4Co-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    The easiest way to recruit beta testers and collect user feedback for Android, iOS, websites, and tech products.
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    See every click, swipe and scroll on your site.

    Mike Coutermarsh76Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub · Written
    Slightly different than what you're looking for. But I think you'd find this useful as well. FullStory records everything that your users do and then you can replay it later. So you don't get the voice over/paid tester. But you do get to see how real users experience what you've built. Which I think gives you even more valuable information than a paid tester.
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    Affordable remote user testing built for rapid user feedback

    Kunal Bhatia52Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I love the philosophy behind You'll be able to get the videos from people you test with at an affordable rate.
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    Watch people talk about your product on-demand

    Junu YangCo-founder. Designer. Previously @IDEO · Written
    Junu Yang made this product
    It's a fraction of the cost(~$9 per video) compared to other services and it also offers a free testing tool if you have access to your own users/participants