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Webflow Interactions 2.0 alternatives and competitors

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Webflow Interactions 2.0 is an intuitive way to build animations and interactions on the web — visually.

Top Webflow Interactions 2.0 alternatives
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  • A new design tool. Completely redesigned.
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    playing it with currently to see what can i build with it .

  • InVision Design System Manager makes it possible for every product team to create and maintain a design system at scale.

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    look forward for the trial.

  • Introducing a new browser-based way to create stunning interactive prototypes, no code required.
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  • Design native mobile app prototypes without code
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  • The fastest way to design beautiful interactions
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    At the time of writing this review, no other tool on the market gives you the ability to quickly put together interactive, layer-based, non-…

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  • Weld

    Create visual, animated, interactive content for any platform:

    • Free-form design tool

    • Embed in your website

    • Responsive design

    • Interactivity and animations

    • Analytics, A/B-testing and scheduling

    • Collaborate with your team

    In February 2015, we launched v1 of Weld, then more of a prototyping tool. Today, it’s much more than that.

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  • Lax.js

    Simple & light weight (2kb minified & zipped) vanilla javascript plugin to create smooth & beautiful animations when you scrolllll! Harness the power of the most intuitive interaction and make your websites come alive!
    View the demo here: https://alexfox.dev/laxxx/
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  • Bravo Studio 2.0

    Bravo studio is a design first, no code tool, which allows you to turn your app designs and prototypes into real publishable mobile apps (both iOS and Android). You can use Bravo to build even complex apps by connecting your design to external tools via APIs.
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  • Framer App for Windows and Mac

    The all new Framer desktop app for Windows and Mac is here. And it’s completely free, with image exporting, real-time collaboration, and Smart Components. Get the prototyping power of the browser right on your desktop.
    Download now — https://bit.ly/3as5n67
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  • Motion One

    4 reviews
    Motion One is a new animation library by the creator of Framer Motion and Popmotion. It's built on the Web Animations API for the smallest bundlesize and hardware accelerated animations.
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  • Turn Figma designs into native iOS & Android apps instantly. No coding.
    ➡️ ️Import from Figma
    ☁️ Cloud based solution
    📱 iOS & Android
    😇 Fully native actions
    🔌 Connect to APIs
    ♾ Display unlimited data pages in your app designs
    🥳 Airtable Integration
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  • Relume Library

    8 reviews
    Free options
    Say goodbye to building Webflow websites from scratch. Access over 650 components so you can build and save thousands of hours using the world's largest Webflow component library.
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  • Cavalry

    A brand new motion design and animation application. By motion designers for motion designers. Cavalry is for Motion Design, Generative Art, Character Animation, Data Visualisation, FUI and much more.
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  • Brusher

    Brusher is a little JavaScript library that lets you add interactive backgrounds to your webpages. It can be used to create fancy backgrounds or to put a blurry picture of your product which will be made visible when the user hovers over different sections. Have a look at the demo to get the idea.

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  • Hey there PH.

    I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Cabana (well version 2.0, as I forgot to post 1.0 to PH back in November. Ooops!).

    Cabana is my popular Design System for Sketch that helps you work better, smarter, and faster than ever before.

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    I've been using Cabana on a couple different projects for a couple months. I have only good things to say about it. My main positive feedbac…

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  • Good UX starts with information structure that makes sense.
    Userdrive is a card sorting tool that helps you understand how users think about your content, pick up patterns and structure your content, navigation or products in a way that is intuitive to people.
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  • DraftXR

    DraftXR lets you design in 2D like you always do, test instantly in WebVR & share fully interactive VR interfaces with developers or stakeholders.
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  • ScrollReveal

    Easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers.
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  • Cabana 4

    Spending too much time bringing your ideas to life?
    Imagine if you could massively speed up the process of designing prototypes, and presenting design ideas to your team, and clients.
    Well, with Cabana 4 for Figma you can.
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  • Framac

    A minimal, calm desktop companion app for the new Framer for Web.
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