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What do people think of Softr?

The community submitted 373 reviews to tell us what they like about Softr, what Softr can do better, and more.
What do you think about Softr?
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373 Reviews
Saurao Dalvi
Product Enthusiast
6 reviews
My overall experience with Softr has been very positive. As someone with limited coding knowledge, I found the platform to be user-friendly and intuitive. The drag-and-drop interface made it easy for me to create custom websites and web applications without the need for any programming skills. I particularly appreciated the pre-built templates and design elements, which enabled me to quickly create a professional-looking website. The platform also offered various features that helped to simplify the website development process. I was able to easily integrate third-party services and customize my website's functionality using the built-in widgets and plugins. The SEO optimization tools were also helpful in improving my website's visibility in search engines.

Prakash Chandran
Co-Founder and Co-CEO @ Xano
3 reviews
I am a huge fan of what @mariam_hakobyan5 and her team at Softr are creating. Their pace of innovation and thriving community is something I admire as a No-Code founder. This launch marks a huge leap forward in helping more people build the software they need faster than ever. Congratulations to the whole team!

Riley Jones
4 reviews
Softr never fails to deliver impactful nocode experiences with their product. Love seeing this new chapter and can't wait to see what others do with this.

Andrew Caffrey
1 review
Great to see this launch - Softr is a great no-code platform to build on (we used it for our Canopy AI Tools Directory) and now with these templates, we can build faster and remove the need for other third-party tools.

The idea of going beyond simple static sites to full-on applications with AI is wild. Would love to see some real-world examples of apps made with this! Kudos for the effort it must have taken to build this and all the best for the launch.

Love how approachable and easy Softr is. The team is amazing too, always there to help and handhold when necessary. 10/10!

Developer • Data Scientist
3 reviews
Softr is a great tool to build websites. Although as a developer, I find it inflexible, lack of features, basically hard to build scalable and complex websites. Although great option for basic to moderately complex website.
Mariam Hakobyan
Dear Sain, thanks for your feedback. It's unfortunate to hear Softr didn't work well for your use case, however, I have to also mention that complex marketing websites are not the core use case for Softr platform, but instead, the core use cases that Softr suits best for using to build custom applications like client/partner portals, internal tools, community hubs etc. For SEO-optimized marketing websites you should try tools like Webflow or Framer, which also give you much more customization options in terms of UI & UX of your website.

Rental Moo
Founder of Rental Moo. PH OIF Veteran.
1 review
On the surface Softr is great. Easy to use and connect with airtable. However it is missing some basic features like dynamic and conditional forms and other functionality to build anything slightly complex. I was trying to build an MVP for an app I wanted to launch but it was not possible without some features that they said would be done June of last year. Finally by December, I cancelled and have been watching up dates while building in Zoho Creator.
Artur Mkrtchyan
Thanks for your feedback! Indeed we had some delays with Forms and we will be picking it up soon.

Victor Wagner Alves
Co-founder of Okasion.
1 review
Build 100% of our product on Softr on the free plan and it's totally functional. The greatest no-code platform that I tested for what I nedeed. I think that the only think that they are laking is a startup program, for companies who are building something to last on their platform.

Nelson Garrafa
I am obsessed about learning new things.
2 reviews
It’s amazing how simple it is to use Softr. I had no coding experience at all and I was able to build a really nice web app in just 2 days. Most amazing yet is the support they give you, even in the free plan. For the Softr team, I say: Keep the good work going, guys. Kuddos