Alternative products to The BAMF Content Machine

5 alternative and related products to The BAMF Content Machine

The BAMF Content Machine
20+ Content Growth Hacks (Now included in THE BAMF BIBLE)

After writing 2 of the top 10 books on Product Hunt, I wanted to come out with another hit.

This book contains the step by step to breaking the internet with content marketing.

5 Alternatives to The BAMF Content Machine

7 steps and tools to create a content marketing strategy

Content Strategy Checklist is a free 7-step guide for anyone just starting their content marketing journey. From research to planning, and launching and measuring, this beginner’s guide will walk you through the steps in plain English with recommended tools along the way.

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Blogging timeout! Can we all agree that content marketing is getting a bit out of control? At last count, a Google search of "types of formats of content marketing" yielded upwards of 105 types of content. That means it's the perfect time to get back to our storytelling roots-blogging.
Ghent-founded content marketing startup StoryChief has raised €1 million from Belfius Bank, startup financing company PMV, as well as private investors and advisers Willem Delbare, former CTO of Teamleader, and Pieter Casneuf, former CEO of Adam Software. StoryChief's platform aims to become the central content hub for businesses, allowing for collaboration … See more
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Check out all the best of the week in Issue 99 of the Tech Smart Boss Newsletter . It was just a few weeks ago that I did a YouTube video on Story Chief and I was pretty impressed with the product.
6 Alternatives to Content Strategy Tools
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