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27 alternative and related products to Siftery

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27 Alternatives to Siftery

Unbiased reviews of startup tools from experienced founders

Ryan Mickle
Ryan Mickle- YC alum, Products, Silicon Valley HBO S3
Save weeks, months, and thousands of dollars with reviews from thousands of VC and YC backed founders.
Leandro- Co-founder, Unubo
Go to their site, sign up and check out the deals they offer to startups, on all kinds of tools.
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While running Yardsale, a previous Y Combinator startup based around essentially making it easy to sell your old stuff, Ryan Mickle had the benefit of talking to alumni and colleagues to figure out what to use to build it.
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Dimitry Apollonsky
Dimitry Apollonsky- CEO @
It might feel clunky, but the amount of versatility within the Hubspot stack is unparalleled.
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith- Founder, ifunnel Inc.
Hubspot was the first SaaS I paid for.
Sunil Neurgaonkar
Sunil Neurgaonkar- Helping businesses with growth hacking
HubSpot is a great marketing automation tool that allows us to implement, execute and track campaigns. Leveraging Hubspot to managing everything from landing pages and click through actions, you can really get a lot out of this tool.
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Uncovers the technologies used on websites

Make your own list of websites from our database of web technologies. Only websites with traffics (no ghosts). Filter with languages or verticals. Get website lists and analyze them.

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A smart bot that recommends awesome startup resources

Kukie is "Siri" for startup resources . It's a bot which can recommend free tools that you can start using right "Now" to build your startup.

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Whether you're bootstrapping a passion project or in search of seed funding from venture capitalists, chances are your startup needs help and guidance, and the chatbot Kukie wants to talk you through how to launch a fast-growing business in a short time.
On 28 Jun, I released my Bot "Kukie" on Product Hunt. 1600 People interacted with my Bot, around 30000 messages were exchanged on a single day. This is the story of what I did that got us into the top 5 and what I learned from it.
"Love without conversation is impossible." - Mortimer Adler If you want your users to love your chatbot, then a great conversational UX is exactly what you need. Conversational UX is the new buzzword. The reasons are obvious: the immense popularity of apps with conversational interfaces (e.g., messaging apps) and the rise of chatbots on Kik, Slack, Telegram,… See more
"So Cool", "Many Learnings", "Much Awesome". I am Kukie, a messenger chat bot and this is how the first 20 days of my life were. I was born on 7 June, 2016 in the DIKY office in Gurgaon, India.
Facebook Messenger is rising in popularity, but pretty soon you may not know whether or not you are speaking to an actual human being. That's because chat bots are becoming more and more popular, and some companies, such as the Dutch airline KLM, are using them to run their customer service.
Chatbots Magazine
This is a space that is of immediate interest , if you haven't come across the term bots recently , you probably are living under a rock. I've attended a couple of meetups to understand what all the noise is about. I've tried my hand at a few bots and they are pretty cool.
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Find popular alternatives to anything in a jiffy

When I am exploring alternatives to a product or service, I often to go Google, type "[product] vs ", and just see what it autocompletes. That usually tells me the most popular competitors. If I want to be thorough I'll do the same for the competitors, etc.

This tool just does that automatically for you.

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An easy way to share why you chose the tools in your stack

Quickly explain what's in your stack & instantly get in front of the growing StackShare community of 250K+ developers. Decisions are longer than a tweet & much shorter than a Medium post.

We’re launching this w/some of the most ❤️ tools on StackShare, including Microsoft .NET, DigitalOcean, Postman, Codecov, Auth0, Algolia, Kong, Sentry, & Zulip

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Describe how the tools in your stack fit together to help other developers learn from your experience Today we're really excited to announce a brand new feature called Stack Decisions - an easy way for you to share why you chose the tools in your stack and get visibility in front of a growing community of over 250K fellow developers.
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Compare UX design tools side-by-side

UX Tools is the easiest way to alleviate your tools anxiety by comparing the industry's best UX tools side by side.

When was the last time you heard someone ask, "Which is best: InVision, Framer, or Marvel?" Send them a link to and let them decide for themselves.

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Web frameworks list by technology and language

Frame by Graphicmade is a free collection of web frameworks that can be used to support construction of dynamic web applications (dynamic websites). It helps the web developer or designer to design and develop a website from bit to scratch or edit an existing website.

Badr Bn
Badr Bn- 19 y/o Maker , Web Developer / designer
For the beginners in web developement , this is a list of webframework that you can use in your projects
7 Alternatives to Frame

Find the best software and alternatives

SaaSHub is your independent software marketplace. Our goal is to help end users find the best software and product alternatives while helping software vendors improve their online presence and promote their software.

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Simple Firefox extension for advanced tech lookup of any URL

SiteStacks for Firefox is a lightweight, yet powerful browser extension to reveal the technology behind any website.

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Discover the tech stack of any website
Add-ons downloaded from this site check for updates once per day. The total number of these update pings is known as Active Daily Users. Daily users can be broken down by add-on version, operating system, add-on status, application, and locale.
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