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What is StackShare?
StackShare is the fastest growing community for SaaS tools - we show you all the software a company is using and why. We're a developer-only community of engineers, CTOs, and VPEs from some of the world's top startups. Engineers use StackShare to compare and discover new technologies, while companies use StackShare to connect with engineers.

StackShare tech stack

We're aware of 12 technologies that StackShare is built with. StackShare utilizes products like Stripe, Microsoft Clarity in their tech stack

Recent launches

Stack File
GitHub App that auto-creates tech stack docs (YML and Markdown) that list out the full tech stack of a repo including: open source, closed source, SaaS, and infrastructure, with metadata about each tool. Like an auto-updating tech stack README file.
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Stack Advice
Stack Advice is a new way for you to connect with a community of developers to get help making important technology decisions.
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