Alternative products to Segment

13 alternative and related products to Segment

Collect your data once, then send it to 200+ tools.

Segment is the infrastructure for your customer data. Use one API to unlock 200+ tools for every team in your company. With Segment, developers can stop building tedious and expensive one-off data integrations while business users can get straight to work, turning on their favorite apps right from the Segment dashboard.

13 Alternatives to Segment

Capture user events and route them straight to the best tools and data warehouses for analytics.

Priced based on event volume, not MTUs.

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Astronomer announced it has secured $3.5 million in financing. Eight investors participated in the round: Wireframe Ventures, CincyTech, Frontline Ventures, Drummond Road Capital, Core Ventures Group, M25 Group, Silicon Valley Bank, and Grand Ventures. Astronomer's platform connects and centralizes data, making it simple for anyone,...
While Segment has standardized real-time, vendor-neutral customer event collection, no platform is a perfect fit for everyone. Now there's an alternative.
11 Alternatives to Astronomer Clickstream

Transfer your data between services with no effort

We build a platform which fixes "cold start" problem: with just a few clicks, you can migrate all your data to the company of your interest so that it can provide you the best experience from day-0! No more manual copying and irrelevant recommendations.

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The Google Analytics and Segment Helper by VICE provides a visual way to track analytics calls without opening the chrome console!

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This post covers a free Chrome extension to see Google Analytics calls without Chrome console. Google Analytics and Segment Helper not only supports Google Analytics but it works with Segment too. It shows the page events in real-time with all the other details. You can analyze any website with this extension and see the calls in real-time.
When Google Analytics stops working, it's an all hands on deck effort to figure out what happened. Are calls being made on the page? Is the metadata correct? Are the right events firing? At VICE we...
8 Alternatives to Google Analytics and Segment Helper - Chrome Extension

Fusion unifies customer data across cloud applications.

Fusion simplifies how businesses aggregate, unify & use customer data across multiple cloud applications. Fusion automates data integration, preparation, and ingestion by creating a Fused Database that feeds analytics dashboards and BI tools such as Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Amazon QuickSight, and YellowFin.

10 Alternatives to Fusion
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