Automatically collect data & retroactively send to 80+ tools
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What is Freshpaint?
Automatically collect data. Retroactively send that data to 80+ tools in one click. Freshpaint gives everyone the flexibility to instrument your site, and retroactively access your data. For developers it’s faster. For others, do everything without code.

Freshpaint tech stack

We're aware of 11 technologies that Freshpaint is built with. Freshpaint utilizes products like Google, Amplitude in their tech stack

Recent launches

HIPAA compliant analytics by Freshpaint
Freshpaint is the only HIPAA-compliant customer data platform: unify customer data, control PHI, & integrate 200+ tools. ID Masking & Enforced Allowlists enable healthcare companies to use tools like Mixpanel or Amplitude without paying extra for a BAA.
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Advertising Integrations by Freshpaint
Freshpaint’s advertising integrations connect customer data to your advertising tools, without code.
Improve targeting, conversion, and monetization with customer data. A single integration to connect customer data to ad platforms like FB, Google, and more.
Advertising Integrations by Freshpaint image
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