Alternative products to Fitbit Charge 2

12 alternative and related products to Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2
Fitbit's #1 selling tracker now has more to love
12 Alternatives to Fitbit Charge 2

Meet your fitness goals by holding yourself accountable.

Lazy Jar uses your Fitbit® to help you organically build a more active lifestyle.

It does this by holding you accountable for the fitness goals you've set for

yourself each week. Whenever you fail to meet these weekly goals, you're penalized a financial amount (which you set yourself).

80% of these penalties are donated to a charity.

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Want to exercise more, but lack motivation? An app called Lazy Jar, aimed at Fitbit owners, may be able to help. The app actually penalizes you a monetary amount if you fail to meet the fitness goals you've set for yourself, in terms of metrics like steps per week, miles walked, or calories burned, for example.
The Sociable
If B.F Skinner's work into operant conditioning has taught us anything, it's that reward and punishment with behavior conditioning can be incredible motivators. By placing a hungry rat into a box with a lever, also known as a Skinner box, the animal could be taught to exhibit a certain behavior, in this case pulling a lever, when followed with a reward.
The new Fitbit-linked app will keep users' money should they fail to keep their fitness goals Lazy Jar, a new Fitbit-connected app, is seeking to capitalize on the desire for achieving fitness goals in an unconventional way. The app, which has been available for three weeks, is holding users financially accountable for not meeting their own predetermined goa… See more
Shape Magazine
Photo: James Porcini/Getty Images​ If you're like most people who use an activity tracker, you're loyal to your wearable. ( A recent study found that 80 percent of people stuck with their device for at least 6 months.) But wearing a fitness tracker and actually using its data to hit activity goals are two different things.
We all probably need to exercise more, but getting the motivation to do so can sometimes be a bit... challenging. That's where Lazy Jar hopes to come in. The new app pairs with your FitBit and charges you cash each time you miss your weekly workout goals.
New Year's is lurking right around the corner and you...
Lazy Jar Is a new app That gives you the chance To add a little zap Lazy Jar harnesses the power of negative reinforcement to reach your fitness goals. You commit to six months to meet your activity goals as tracked by Fitbit, and Lazy Jar monitors your progress each week.
5 Alternatives to Lazy Jar

A steps app that promotes some competition

Harmless taunting between friends has been scientifically proven to motivate people to become more active. Ok maybe not, but that's the big idea behind Steps — weaving a fitness thread into a snappy, colourful design.

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UX Planet
It started life as an app for us Apple Watch fans in the office to tally our steps and compete with our Fitbit... friends Then I wanted to learn how to put a server in the cloud and make the steps beam...
Rating and price
6 Alternatives to Steps

Fitbits latest addition to their range with Alexa baked in

Fitbit’s first smartwatch with Amazon Alexa, Fitbit Pay on all models, new Sleep Score and smart wake, Spotify control, 5+ days battery life, AMOLED display.

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Services are the future of Fitbit . That was the overarching message from an event this week in Manhattan. The small gathering of media outlets found the company spending most of its stage time on software and services, leaving a small window at the end to discuss the launch of a pair of hardware p...
Fast Company
Is Fitbit coming for the wearable crown? On Wednesday, the activity tracker brand announced a host of new features, hardware, and services-giving it an edge in a market crowded by the likes of Apple, Garmin, and Samsung. The newly launched Fitbit Premium is a paid subscription service that builds on the existing app by offering more holistic, personalized gu… See more
Innovative sleep features like Sleep Score and smart wake to help you improve your sleep as an important component of overall health Fitbit's first smartwatch with Amazon Alexa Built-in and Fitbit Pay on all models bring more convenience Spotify expands music options for motivation SAN FRANCISCO -(BUSINESS WIRE)- Fitbit (NYSE: FIT) today announced the launch… See more
8 Alternatives to Fitbit Versa 2

Latest generation of fitness wearable from Amazfit

The Amazfit GTS comes with 2.5D glass display that has a pixel density of 341ppi. Amazfit says GTS will offer 14 days of battery life. It is 9.4mm thin and offers 5ATM water resistance rating. The wearable also has an optical heart rate sensor on board.

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Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets
The name "Huami" may not be familiar to most of you, but you'll definitely recognize one of its products: the Mi Band. The company has partnered with Xiaomi on wearables for several years and its Amazfit lineup is to smartwatches what the Mi Band is to activity trackers: very affordable, powerful, excellent for the money.
11 Alternatives to Amazfit GTS

The world's most powerful training and recovery tool

The world’s most powerful training and recovery tool just got stronger. WHOOP is proud to introduce the WHOOP Strap 3.0 featuring WHOOP Live, a robust suite of new features to improve real-time data feedback, coaching, and training analysis.

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The next generation of WHOOP is here. We are proud to announce the WHOOP Strap 3.0 is now available, equipped with WHOOP Live, a robust suite of new features to improve real-time data feedback, coaching and training analysis.
6 Alternatives to WHOOP Strap 3.0

Fitbit's newest tracker with a detachable band

These trackers are easy to use thanks to a touchscreen, backlit display and on-screen dashboard that helps you track sleep, activity and more, all from your wrist.

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The Inspire's mere existence isn't news in and of itself. The device was actually announced a couple of weeks back. But back then, it was a corporate exclusive - the latest piece in the company's bid to get serious about health care. Today, however, Fitbit announced that the product will be availab...
Fitbit is set to make the Inspire and Inspire HR available for everyone to buy, after initially only releasing the fitness tracker pairing through its corporate and health partners back in January. The two new devices become the latest in the company's long list of trackers, and have been announced alongside the new Fitbit Versa...
6 Alternatives to Fitbit Inspire

Puma's first smartwatch, built for the social athlete

This PUMA Gen 4 Heart Rate Smartwatch is PUMA’s first smartwatch, a seamless integration of style with sporty functionality. Powered with Google™ Wear OS and equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform is compatible with iPhone and Android Phones.

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The Puma Smartwatch has just been unveiled at IFA 2019, and it looks like it's trying to take the smartwatch world by storm, at least for runners. It's sporting some high-end specs, and other useful features for when you're on a jog, but it might not compare to more high-end devices.
The Verge
Puma is launching its first smartwatch at IFA 2019 this week. The sports brand has teamed up with Fossil Group over the past 12 months to produce the wearable, which is powered by Wear OS and Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset.
Since it was created as a training and exercise companion like Michael Kors' MKGO, the design has a lightweight construction that uses nylon and aluminum for its casing. It comes with a grippy and breathable textured silicone strap, and it relies on Google Fit to track users' heart rates, workouts and other activities like running and rowing.
17 Alternatives to Puma Heart Rate Smartwatch

Fitbit's new smart watch starting at $160

The new Versa Lite now starts at $160 and comes in additional funky colors like purple and blue. Despite the name, it’s not physically any smaller or thinner than the original Versa. It won't come with Wi-Fi, NFC or music storage

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Fitness should be its own reward, but sometimes you need a little extra push. Fitbit today announced that it's been testing a new Rewards program in beta, with plans to launch a premium paid version of the service at some point this year. The limited beta, which will close at the end of next month,...
Two years ago, Fitbit was in a rough spot. The company had ridden the wearables boom to an IPO and become virtually synonymous with the fitness tracker space, only to watch its fortunes dwindle as the market shifted almost entirely toward smartwatches. "That shift happened very rapidly over a year ...
At one time not long ago, Fitbit was the clear leader in digital fitness trackers. That title began slipping from its grasp, however, as soon as the Apple Watch came into existence four years ago. Now Fitbit is second to Apple in smartwatches, and only the fourth largest shipper of wearables worldwide.
The Verge
Fitbit's renewed take on the smartwatch appeared to have worked with the Versa, which helped the company grow its smartwatch revenue by 437 percent less than a year after the device was announced. Now, the company is hoping more affordable versions of its wearables will boost that momentum, with stripped-down versions of the Versa and the Ace that are up to … See more
7 Alternatives to Fitbit Versa Lite
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