Alternative products to Figma Plugins

10 alternative and related products to Figma Plugins

Figma Plugins
Extend Figma with plugins. Easy to create. 1-click install.
Figma Plugins extend what's possible in Figma. We're launching with over 40 (and counting) plugins built by our community, & this is just the beginning. Figma Plugins are easy to build. If you know basic HTML and JavaScript, you can create a Figma plugin.
10 Alternatives to Figma Plugins

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Sam Rye
Sam Rye
Figma is dynamite, especially now it has prototyping baked in. I wish Figma would integrate with some of the animation tools (Principal et al), as sometimes the prototyping functionality just isn't enough.
Karthik Mahadevan
Karthik Mahadevan
I used to mostly rely on Sketch, Marvel and Keynote for prototyping, but very recently I tried Figma and found it to be a breeze. I especially loved how easy it was for me to handover to the programmer. It's all online so sharing and collaborating was pretty easy as well.
Sam Rye
Sam Rye
Until recently, I'd been using Sketch + Craft + InVision as my core way of designing and sharing UI work with clients. But InVision always felt like it was designed by 3 or 4 teams of people who never met. Comments could be made it one view, but not another. I could give them a LiveShare link to lead them through designs, but then they couldn't access the fi… See more
12 Alternatives to Figma 2.0

Viewports let you preview display sizes and market share of various viewports present in Apple and Google device lineup! Just select the frames you would like to work with, fire up the plugin, select the display size, and boom! Your mockups are resized!

17 Alternatives to Viewports
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