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Artboard Studio Animation

Artboard Studio Animation alternatives and competitors

10 reviews
Artboard Studio is the best solution for mockups and marketing designs, now you can create animations too. You can import videos, move objects around with keyframes and export your videos as MP4, MOV, GIF or WEBM.

Top alternatives for Artboard Studio Animation

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
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  • Jitter Beta

    Jitter is like Figma for motion design: it makes it easy to create animations for your videos, websites or apps, all in the browser.
  • Remotion

    3 reviews
    Remotion allows you to make real MP4 videos written in React. Use web technologies like CSS, SVG, WebGL to make interesting motion graphics. Use programming to dynamically make different variants of videos and automate it using server-side rendering.
  • Motion One

    4 reviews
    Motion One is a new animation library by the creator of Framer Motion and Popmotion. It's built on the Web Animations API for the smallest bundlesize and hardware accelerated animations.
  • Animation Desk For Windows

    Animation Desk for Windows provides an easy, friendly, and intuitive drawing environment so that everyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. Draw your own frame animation with these powerful tools like a pro.
  • Flow+Figma

    1 review
    Flow is a powerhouse for motion design. Start from FIGMA, Sketch, Illustrator, Afffinity, wherever your own creative work lives. Then, export to: GIF, aPNG, aSVG, MOV, MP4, LOTTIE, iOS/Swift, Web Animations, React...
  • Rive

    5 reviews
    Use our collaborative editor to create motion graphics that respond to different states and user inputs. Then load your animations into apps, games, and websites with our open-source runtimes.
  • Cavalry

    A brand new motion design and animation application. By motion designers for motion designers. Cavalry is for Motion Design, Generative Art, Character Animation, Data Visualisation, FUI and much more.
  • Loaf

    Loaf (previously known as Motion) is your animated SVG icon library! Use it to quickly find an icon you like make some tweaks and adjustments and plug it into whatever project you are working on! There are hundreds of icons to use and it's free to get started!
  • Tilda Publishing Animations

    8 reviews

    Step-by-step animation is a new feature from Tilda. Find it in Zero Block, an editor for professional designers within Tilda. The editor is available on all plans, including the free plan. You can make text, images and other assets change position, move along a trajectory, change their size, opacity and rotation angle on scroll on click or on hover

    Really great tool in such a great tool for creating websites. Yeah, it's like dream within a dream, but very-very cool. Just try it!

  • ToonClip

    Easily create animations in minutes. This version has the ability to add audio. Plus there is a character editor where you can create your own character