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What do people think of Air?

The community submitted 257 reviews to tell us what they like about Air, what Air can do better, and more.
What do you think about Air?
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257 Reviews
Kylin Nelson
1 review
Overall I think Air is doing great things by challenging the status quo for cloud storage services. Their focus on file management and powerful search features are welcomed for many types of creative work. I feel the service has much more room for improvement, particularly with video. Videos take way too long to process, and in a fast-paced world where clients want review links ASAP, waiting additional time while a video is processing is not ideal. Videos don't take any time to process on Dropbox, as once you've uploaded the video, it's ready to review. I would love to see that same speed brought over to Air. Another minor issue I have is with the apps/extensions Air offers. Air Flow (an equivalent to Dropbox Sync) is good, but I cannot easily share links from within Finder. This can be done from Dropbox within Finder, whereas with Air Flow I have to go to the web app and then generate a link to share. There's also an Air plugin for Premiere Pro, but it is very clunky and almost pointless. It feels like this was added so marketing has one more "feature," but I genuinely wonder if anyone from Air has tested it to see how it works. It lets you download assets within Premiere, but assets do not get imported into Premiere, nor can I upload assets from Premiere to it. I would much rather use the web app or Air Flow since they do the same thing but are more robust. I think that would be a huge selling point over Dropbox for a lot of video editors since the idea of being able to add and download files from the cloud to Premiere is something I would use daily. Again, Air is a great product and seems to be heading in the right direction. If you are a creative not dealing primarily with video assets, Air is probably the best option for you. But for those of us who have video-heavy workflows, Dropbox still seems like the best option for now.

anna khomaziuk

Design at Eleken.

1,138 reviews
What a beauty platform! sooo cool! Recommend it 🧡

Megh McLaughlin
Customer Support Specialist
2 reviews
My contacts and I can testify for how useful this platform is. Sharing is easy and free, storage is ample especially since I don't have copies of things everywhere. Search is amazing and being able to search visually is a great feature. I can do everything with my team right in Air, and the new Slack notifications are awesome.



7 reviews
Happy to see @_tydalwave_ & @shegde & the team on PH again Massive amounts of time & sanity saved. From managing my own workflow as well as that of clients. Who, by the way also love. Remarkable adoption from internal teams, mainly due to crystal clear UI & user flow. Like a breeze of fresh Air Godspeed!

Wadi Doank
I'm a tech enthusiast
1 review
Awesome tool in collaborate with my team. we can share our production asset with other securely.

Evan Gutierrez
Hello world
1 review
Loving the ability to easily organize our monthly assets

Mohab Ahmed


31 reviews
A very nice product for storing and preserving files and provides a good storage capacity

Akshi Tyagi
5 reviews
Love the overall experience. Easy to use and has been a productivity enhancer for us!

Brian Jones
Creative Director
1 review
Excellent platform for managing assets. Can't wait to see what the team has planned.

Michael Crupto
Generic bio here
1 review
I like it. Still waiting for my project to ramp up to get the most from it.