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Jitter 1.0 won Design Tools in 2023
Winner • Design Tools Product of the Year
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What is Jitter?
Jitter is like Figma for motion design: it makes it easy to create animations for your videos, websites or apps, all in the browser.

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Jitter 1.0
Create stunning animations for your videos, websites, or apps, in 3 simple steps: 1. Design → Start from scratch, Figma, or a template 🎨 2. Animate → Use presets, or create your own animations ✨ 3. Export → Video, GIF, and Lottie 🎬 All in your browser!
Jitter Plugin for Figma
Jitter Plugin lets you import your Figma designs in 1 click and animate them easily.
It's great to:
- Animate pixel-perfect communication material (social posts, product videos, YT intros, IG stories…)
- Make quick & convincing UI demos (apps, websites…)
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