The worlds 1st full body haptics suit that lets you feel VR



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Itamar Rogel — Co-Founder, Newsfusion
Looks neat, but kinda odd to use the name TeslaSuit, no? Not that Elon Musk et al have inclusive rights over Nikola Tesla's name, but still with such a strong pre-existing Tesla brand it feels a bit off to me...
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Costs $1500 and I'm already unsure about how VR will grow.

Will it just be a novelty thing? hm, maybe

I think the VR space will be underwhelming for a while. I feel that people will still go for the path of least resistance (e.g. not having to put on an outfit, headset, etc)

Can't wait to see what happens if I'm wrong though :)
@bentossell Nothing to worry here. Teslasuit is actually a very complex device that is essentially a wearable computer. It comes with its own operating system, own apps, add-on modules and an SDK to integrate to any existing app or game. It has extended connectivity to various devices, it lasts for days (without climate control on), it is washable and last but not least - stylish to wear. In the future we also plan to release a sub-$750 version. The nearest competitor with a like-for-like tech would set you back a mere $10000+
Дыбский Денис — Tesla Studios, Marketing Director
The future of #VR has just arrived! Teslasuit is Live now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...

Please give us your support and bring your friends!
Sebastian J. Kuhnert — Founder & CEO at Tradimo Interactive
@dybskydenis What made you decide to cancel the kickstarter?
Ross Sheingold — Chief Innovation Officer @247LS
I can't believe there isn't one reference to "Ready Player One" in this thread!
Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
The @TeslaSuit looks like it's straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. Promising to see these concepts closer and closer to reality... The worlds 1st full body haptics suit that lets you feel Virtual Reality seems like something that would be working this decade. Curious what @cdixon things about the TeslaSuit.

Jonathan Tavarez — Founder, Vantage Internet Group
@nivo0o0 very cool!
Gabriel Lewis — 🤔
@nivo0o0 Awesome looks like a Tron Suit! Finally I can join the grid. 😏
Дыбский Денис — Tesla Studios, Marketing Director
As a token of appreciation we at Teslasuit have decided to give away a Pair of T-Glove Modules for FREE (usually £150/$225) to every visitor of our Product Hunt page with every Teslasuit purchase! More info here http://www.teslasuit.com/product...
Jack Smith — Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Not sure about the choice of name
Looks cool. Would love to know how far it is in terms of engineering/production readiness.
@asechkov the Development Kit is ready, first pre-orders will ship Sep 2016 ;)
Looks good and futuristic. I think maybe it comes too soon for the mass to accept it as most people aren't used to VR yet. But I definitely see some value in a suit like this. It looks great!
As far as commercial applications go, I don't think this will be meant for personal purchases but rather places where people can pay to use it, kind of like indoor skydiving.
ConorSmith301 — Freelance Writer, Medium
A very interesting product indeed. I can see a potential market for it in the cinema industry.
Juil Yoon — Photographer, Programmer
A few questions I am left unsure about.
Since it uses NMES, does it require you to be naked under the suit?
Is there 2-way feedback? Only the glove/hand control seemed to be demonstrated.
Will the hands have haptic feedback as well?
@rhaphazard Thank you Juil for asking! The answer is: you would need to wear the base layer/underwear t-shirt and pants. It would keep the suit clean for longer between washes and make the sensation more comfortable. Should you run out of those, you can, of course, wear it with nothing on, but we strongly recommend to have under layer on.

The 2-way feedback is coming in the next stretch goal, after the glove. We didn't have a video of that, so just posted what we had for now. Will update soon.

The hands do have haptic feedback. It makes it quite a fun device, once you try it on :)
Chris Messina ✁_____ — Developer Experience Lead at @Uber
Why is it all men in the promo video?
@chrismessina Purely by accident. The full version starts with the BBC presenter - Sara Cox by the way.
Daniel Lim — Digital Consultant
holy shit, in the last 2 years, I feel almost as if Ready Player One is slowly becoming reality
Duane Wilson✌️ — Design, Technologist, Helper of Startups
The holodeck is getting real ya'll ... no Teledildonics jokes here please.... ok, maybe a couple.
Leo Bassam — Founder, CEO of Plutio.com
Wow, pure awomsness!
Shannon Clarke — Electrical Engineer & Software Developer
Probably not the best name. I was hoping it would be a force multiplier or manipulator suit of some kind - probably battery-powered. This will be a VR gamer's dream though!
Khurss — Tesla Studios, Co-Founder, CTO
@sajclarke Teslasuit is a haptic feedback system. This system can simulate tactile feedback and also simulate force and weight of object. Also Teslasuit has climate control system that can heat up or cool down your body. We are developing a motion capture system and other secret (delicious) Teslasuit features that will be available in the next version.
Washington Sanchez — Co-founder, OB1
This is some Gantz-level design. Love it!
Kelvin Zhao — Founder, The Little Drummer Boy
Fully immersive VR porn, here we come (pun not intended).
Lee Wynne — Founder Inventr.org
"The applications for this technology include virtual dating" < errrm okay then... Imagine opening the door to the postman wearing it? Seriously though, it looks like Minority Report stuff.
jack rometty — student
This looks awesome! Humans have unique and diverse body shapes (ex. I'm a 6'8"). How are you going to accommodate body diversity in a suit that requires a good fit?
Khurss — Tesla Studios, Co-Founder, CTO
@rometty_ Apart of standard sizes we have tailored option. On top of that fabric is stretching quite a bit.
Duane Wilson✌️ — Design, Technologist, Helper of Startups
@khurrs curious, did you develop the haptics components in-house or are you licensing from Immersion, etc.?
Khurss — Tesla Studios, Co-Founder, CTO
@duanewilsonsf We have developed our smart textile in-house form scratch. We integrated circuits, haptic system and other sensors with textile. It's durable, washable and comfortable to wear.
Would this be a viable SDK for developing home/self training software instead of games? Haptic feedback and that bunch of sensors runs one's imagination wild.
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