View animated GIFs in Google Image search (finally!)

Ryan Hoover
Ian Pearce


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Ryan Hoover — Product Hunt
I'm surprised Google doesn't animate GIFs when searching for images of Jeff Goldblum:

h/t Lifehacker's @lordravenscraft for this find
Jóhann Hannesson — Product Manager -
@rrhoover Seems like they, uhhhh, found a way.

This is nice for me, since I've turned to a lot of custom .gif search sites to fill this gap, but its nice to be able to turn to just a google search.
useful tip: you can specify filetype:gif for better results
Mauro Sicard —
This is great. I found it two days ago, and helps my to save a lot of time, as I use to find a lot of GIFs for social media accounts.
Great work, thanks a lot!
Felipe Betancourt — Sales Development Rep
@maurosicard How does this work? Trying to search and share some gif but haven't been able to get it done.
Jonathan Howard — Cofounder, Emissary
I'm confused as to what this does. Does it make every image search a search for animated gifs, to save you the extra click? Do you activate that somehow, or is all-gifs-all-the-time?

I assume Google only animates expanded gifs for accessibility reasons (slow connections, browser stability/memory usage). Makes sense for this to be an extension though
Dan Leveille — Product Marketing Manager, DeviantArt
@staringispolite It animates GIFs in all Google Images search results (regardless of if you've filtered to animated).
Jonathan Howard — Cofounder, Emissary
@danlev @staringispolite Oh I see. So it doesn't change the search at all, BUT if your results contain gifs, those gifs will animate without expanding.
Niv Dror — Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
This is how this Chrome Extension works. I don't know why it's built in to Chrome...but here you go:

Okay this one is even better:

Brandon Brown — Favicon Valley host, ProdDev @sendwithus
This changes everything!

I'm so happy they finally implemented this 😀

Edit: Apparently I didn't quite understand when posting my comment... Thanks @airi0926
Andrew Turnbull — UX Architect, Evans Hunt
@brandonb927 They didn't. It's a chrome web store app by an independent developer.
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