What is DoNotPay?

DoNotPay mention in "What is DoNotPay?" questionDoNotPay is a legal services chatbot often touted by the company as "the world's first robot lawyer." Founded in 2015 by Joshua Browder, it was originally conceived as an app that could contest parking tickets. It has since grown to be able to help with a multitude of legal issues ranging from consumer protection to immigration rights. It also helps users fight spam, sign up for free trials and cancel before the trial ends, get refunds, and gives users the ability to sue scammers. Browder's overall mission is to level the playing field, and make legal information and self-help accessible for everyone. Ultimately, the DoNotPay app does just that and allows regular consumers to fight back against large corporations and political entities who might otherwise take advantage of their lack of time and resources. DoNotPay was awarded the Side Project Award for Product Hunt's 2020 Golden Kitty Awards.

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