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Share and trade your favorite subscriptions with friends and family using just a link. No password required.
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I have to say, not trying to be the bad guy, as a community of makers it's a bit odd to support a product that actually convince us to steal/not pay/break terms of another maker, big one or small one, it's just bad business conduct. It's like supporting games/movies/music hacking groups in my mind. Makers are working hard on their product/content, if don't want to pay, find something more suitable for you.
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@tomer_barnea1 This is a good point. To be clear, someone has to be a subscriber and pay for the content. This tool just allows you to share it with authorized users without having to give up your password.
@tomer_barnea1 @jbrowder1 and without them paying!
@tomer_barnea1 @jbrowder1 bro you made ana mazing product, you rock
@tomer_barnea1 @jbrowder1 do you have a cached version? or maybe host it on a website?
@tomer_barnea1 @jbrowder1 basically family sharing without password
How does this not violate the terms of service of the services being "shared"?
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@tjeffkerr For the vast majority of people, it does not. Almost all popular services have text like "allow X people to stream at the same time." As long as you are not selling access (which the product doesn't allow) and keep it to authorized users, then it's allowed.
@jbrowder1 May I ask why the information on your homepage ( is completely referring to a completely different product (a robot lawyer) than described here? This is not a good sign.
@jbrowder1 @ozkanbugra They offer a suite of services underneath the "DoNotPay" brand. Their app allows you access most of those services, but a browser extension is probably the best way for this particular product/feature.
@ozkanbugra @stephensilber That is right and great feedback. We have gone ahead and added it to the website too
Is this legal?
@duarteosrm Thanks so much for the question. If you use any popular service, they have text like "allow X people to stream at the same time." Of course they allow certain people to access your account (roommates, family, etc). As long as the appropriate limits are in place, this is a great security tool to avoid having to share your password with these people.
Funny to see the idea resurfacing — our team built this exact tool 5 years ago:
@brownrout how did that play out?