How does StockX work?

StockX mention in "How does StockX work?" questionStockX functions as an online marketplace for sneakers, streetwear, jewelry, collectibles, and more.

If you are a buyer and desire to purchase an item on StockX, you would go to their site and look for your desired item. You can then choose to either make an offer to that seller, or buy it outright at the lowest asking price. Once your payment goes through, StockX will instruct that seller to ship their item to one of their six authentication centers. Once fully authenticated, StockX will safely package your item and then have it delivered to your address. If you are a seller on StockX, you must list the items for sale or sell at the highest bid. Mirroring the process for the buyer, you will be asked to ship your items to an authentication center for verification before it is finally shipped to the buyer. If for whatever reason your items failed in the authentication process, they will be sent back to you.

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