Stock market for buying/selling limited edition sneakers

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#5 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2016
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Jonathon Triest
Jonathon TriestHunter@jtriest · Ludlow Ventures
StockX is a real stock market - a live marketplace where buyers place 'Bids' and sellers place 'Asks.' When a Bid and Ask match, the sneakers are shipped. All sneakers are authenticated by StockX. There's Sneakerhead data, including a real-time price guide, deep market analysis, historical sales data, sneakerhead significance and more.
Nachum Kligman
Nachum Kligman@kligman · Co-Founder
@jtriest not stalking, but it has been 3+ weeks since your last episode of - Your fans are waiting!
Josh Luber
Josh LuberMaker@joshluber · CEO/co-founder, StockX
Thanks so much JT. Very excited about the launch. StockX is the natural evolution of Campless - which was created almost exactly 4 years ago. The vision we had then - a stock market of sneakers - has not only come to fruition, but with the support and partnership of Dan Gilbert, we've built a stock market of THINGS, the worlds first stock market for consumer goods. Looking forward to everyone's feedback.
Alphonso Morris
Alphonso Morris@youngfonz · Sr. Visual Designer
LOVING IT!!! Probably bc I am a sneakerhead.
Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes@alexbarneshere · Strategy & BD, Knotel
This is awesome. As an avid ebay user (mostly for sneakers), I've hoped they would add more analytics and pricing tools for consumer. You beat 'em to it.
Julius@bulius · Designer
I laughed real hard at that 404 page. Well done.
Josh Luber
Josh LuberMaker@joshluber · CEO/co-founder, StockX
@bulius I don't know if Chris Kaufman is on here, but that was all him. It's amazingly perfect.