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The best alternatives to YOLO for Charity are Laoshi, Akemona, and Hedado. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to YOLO for Charity
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  • Trying to find a tech internship & don't know what to do? Laoshi matches you with top tech mentors from your schools & beyond! Open to sign ups for both mentors and mentees.

  • Akemona, a pioneer in digital securities, is focused on one goal: To revolutionize capital markets through the introduction of digital securities. Starting from this principle, Akemona has developed a digital s...

  • Donate like a boss with Hedado! Simplify all your giving to a single transaction and still choose from over 1.5M charities! Already donate? Hedado tracks your receipts and prepares you for tax time - start by f...

  • Tokenized Employee Stock Option Plans on Ethereum

  • Rocket DAO (beta) is a Web 3.0 fundraising platform based on the principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Such model creates a new paradigm for safe and effective interaction between project teams, ...

  • India now accounts for over 1/3rd of the world's covid cases. There are a lot of people without basic resources. We're launching a simple NFT collection with the aim of contributing all proceeds to CryptoRelief...

  • Trusted Lending Circles, Decentralized With the Blockchain

  • Earn & Borrow Crypto at Any Market Conditions