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typedesk supercharges your canned responses. typedesk works with your current tools (help desk, email client, chat, social media) to quickly and easily answer your customers wherever they contact you.
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Hi Hunters! Happy to share something I've created and I'm currently working on: typedesk. After going back and forth between Zendesk, Facebook, Intercom, I figured I could save myself a few hours of copying/pasting our canned responses and organizing them with the whole organization, so I created typedesk: a solution to have all of my canned responses in one place, that I can use everywhere. Our guidelines for every feature is: 🏎️ Make It Blazing Fast It needs to work instantly, with no load time, instant search and quick copy/paste. 🦸 Design For Superhumans Keyboard-first approach, every important action must be achieved without leaving your keyboard. 👍 Make It Easy We are not building a tool for IT and engineers, but for people answering lots of emails and writing lots of content every day (tech. support, administrations, clerks etc.). I'd love to hear your feedback on our value proposition and our UX/UI, so happy to hear your thoughts if there's anything that is not explained well enough on our website. And if you like our product, please leave us a 👍 Happy Hunting! Michel
@michel_vermeulen1 Congrats Michel, Typedesk looks great! Grab my upvote, and how about an interview about it at StartupRadius.com? Send me a message to paul_AT_startupradius.com if interested.
@paul_shuteyev Hi Paul! Thanks a lot :) Sure, I'll drop you a line!
I love that you've added this functionality across multiple platforms. Other products tend to just stick to Gmail integration. Great work!
@titusdecali Thanks Titus! This is actually the genesis of the project: what happens when a customer reaches me on Facebook while I am using Zendesk built-in canned responses? I either have to re-type the whole thing, or open Zendesk, create a blank ticket, open my canned responses, and find the right one. I've done that for a while. And that was tedious :)
Hey Hunters, Happy to chat here, feel free to leave your feedback and comments :)
Hi Michel, can you tell me more about how it works if there are multiple people who manage support, or who would need access to those answers for content?
@amber_ogborn Hi Amber. Thanks for asking! You can create as many teams as you want (for instance, one for tech. support, one for outbound sales etc.), and invite your coworkers to join. For each team, you can select which canned responses you want to share. Voilà! :)
This is really well designed. Is there anywhere we can make a donation to help support typedesk?
@haleyderm Hi Haley. Thanks for your comment. We don't accept donations but you can use the free version as long as it suits your needs or upgrade for one of our premium plans starting at $3.99 / month :)