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What is Tonal?
Tonal is the world's most intelligent home gym and personal trainer. Choose from our growing library of personalized workouts—or create your own—and let Coach A.I. customize the weights to your body.
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Recent launches

Tonal 3.0
Tonal’s app has now been redesigned with a focus on stats and personalization. You can now see your progress tracking info along with a detailed historical summary. You can also now access and edit your profile info, fitness goals, and strength training level.

Tonal is the first-ever adaptive digital strength training system, powered by digital weights, with interactive workouts built in. It’s like having a personal trainer and a full gym, in the convenience of your home. One system, the size of a flat-screen TV, replaces every piece of equipment in a weight room.

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Questions about Tonal

Frequently asked questions

In addition to the initial cost of the device, Tonal has a monthly subscription of $49, which unlocks its catalog of virtual strength and resistance workouts.

Yes, you can get ripped with Tonal, provided that you use it as instructed, and in combination with a sensible diet. As a strength training device powered by machine learning, it intuitively pushes its users to build their strength and fitness level through ever more challenging resistance workouts.

No, you cannot install Tonal yourself. Tonal requires professional installation by authorized installers. The company does not support self-installation.

Tonal is not a Peloton product, nor is it made by Peloton Interactive, Inc. Much like Peloton however, it does offer personalized at-home virtual classes, coaching, and workouts.

The Tonal's purchase price is $2,995 plus membership, shipping, and installation. The Tonal's financing price starts as low as $63 per month at 0% for 48 months, plus membership, shipping, and installation. This does not include Tonal's "Smart Accessories" which are $495. Those accessories allow you to complete a broader range of exercises with Tonal.

Tonal is a wall-mounted and intuitive tech-based home gym that provides its users with a number of strength and resistance workouts. If you are consistent with Tonal's workouts and recommendations, and supplement your exercise with proper nutrition and rest - Yes, Tonal can actually work for most users.