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The best alternatives to Silenz for Mac are CSS Galore, Defonic, and Cosm. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Silenz for Mac
APIs to make your app enterprise ready

  • Rich collection of css generators with live preview.

  • Background noise generator for relaxing and working.

  • Cosm lets you quickly and easily create your own ambient soundscape to relax and refocus. People are using Cosm to help with reducing stress, anxiety, improving concentration, falling asleep and reflecting on t...

  • Concentration is tough with an absence of sound. Ambients reintroduces the quiet, persistent background noise of the world with audio tracks meant to soothe without distraction.

  • Soothing Sounds is a simple and beautiful ambient noise app to help you focus, relax, and sleep. It helps you reduce distraction, increase productivity, get better sleep, and relax.

  • Take a Walk lets you take virtual walks around the world, filtering by country, time of day and weather. Enjoy the sigths of cities all around the world, and relax with the sounds that they have to offer!

  • The first weather simulator on the web

  • Flowful generates ambient music for you on the fly so that you never have to pick out a focus playlist again. It's designed to blend perfectly into the background of whatever you're concentrating on, so that yo...

  • A simple menu bar macOS app that plays brown noise. Much smoother than typical white and pink noises, feels kind of like you're on an airplane.

  • Axiom is an extremely flexible node-based real-time audio synthesizer. Available as standalone or a VST instrument/effect, it features a highly configurable, modular canvas where controls can be arranged and ro...

  • Sounce is a free app to help you focus, relax or fall asleep. 💤 Create your personal and unique atmosphere by choosing sounds from the library, adjust the volumes for a perfect harmony and listen to your creat...

  • Ambiently is an app that bring you ambient sounds that helps you to concentrate on your work or study isolating you from noisy environments or to create relaxing ambiances for your reading time. Or simply to re...

  • My secret garden - a garden with lots of hidden gems for relaxing, sleeping, or working.

  • Shake off the shackles of your slow, inefficient reading, slow typing speed, inability to focus, and lack of comprehension. Open up an entirely new level of job productivity with our revolutionary focus booster...