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SigmaOS 1.0 was ranked at #4 Best designed for 2022
#4 Best designed Product of the Year
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What is SigmaOS Browser?
SigmaOS is a whole new browser experience. It makes it easy for you to be faster and better at what you do on the Internet. 🗂️ Workspaces organize your life on the internet into unique flows and spaces 🫰Your pages, your way: ✍️ Rename it to personalize it 🔒 Lock it to keep it ✅ Mark it as done to clear it ✂️ Split your screen to easily multitask

SigmaOS Browser tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that SigmaOS Browser is built with. SigmaOS Browser utilizes products like Product Hunt, Framer in their tech stack

Recent launches

SigmaOS 1.0
SigmaOS makes you fast and focused when you’re working on the web:
🗂️ Workspaces – organize your tabs like a to-do list
✂️ Split Screen – work on two pages at once
🎮 Multiplayer – co-browse with teammates and friends

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Lazy Search by SigmaOS
Meet the Lazy Search 🔍
Tabs, Searches, Commands, Bookmarks… one tool to search them all, one tool to rule them all 👑

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