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349 Reviews
Russ Michaels
WordPRess pro
1 review
I have been running rank math for over 2 years now on over a dozen sites, and I am paying for the Business edition. During those 2+ years, I have had endless problems with Rakmath constantly reporting incorrect rankings and the analytics just being plain wrong or not working at all and reporting ZERO for everything because it keeps losing the connection to Google and constantly needs to be reconnected or because rank math just breakds and all the data needs to be reindexed and the database repaired. The rankings usually won't even match what the Google search console says, even though support say this is where they get the data from. I also use other tools to monitor the rankings, and these also report very differently to rank math, Sites will have multiple top-ranking keywords, but Rankmath will say they have none. Obviousy its not good when your clients are getting the monthly report which incorrectly says their rankings and traffic suck, when they don't I have exchanged dozens and dozens of tickets with Rankmath support over the last 2+ years and have got nowhere, just going round and round in circles. The support/customer service is pretty bad, and they have on multiple occasions just tried to refund me and get rid of me because they don't care and cannot be bothered to try and solve the issues. If you use rankmath to monitor or track your analytics/keywords/ranking, then I highly suggest you verify that data elsewhere to see if it is actually correct.

Daniel Nabavian
Small business owner, tech enthusiast
2 reviews
Review of Rank Math SEO
TERRIBLE customer support. Unless you know how to troubleshoot your own issues, and there will definitely be issues, I cannot recommend you use this plugin. Until they drastically improve their customer support, you should be looking elsewhere for your SEO needs.

5 reviews
The support is non-responsive. I never hear from them. And the biggest bug of them all: Everytime you log out of Wordpress, Rankmath wants you to connect to your search console. And the Support is nowhere to address it. And the reports obviously are all over the place, because nothing is properly 'connected'.

Brad Parler

Founder & Leadership

2 reviews
Having used several tools for SEO on WordPress when my oldest daughter told me about what she is using at the agency she just joined after getting her undergrad degree in Digital Marketing Innovation. I knew that I had to at least check it out. Rank Math is a breath of fresh air and a new tool I cannot imaging working on a website without it now.

Aaron Winston

Founder & Leadership at Express Legal Funding

12 reviews
I am a big fan of the RankMath SEO plugin. It does an excellent job. I switched away from Yoast and have no regrets. RankMath is easy to install and use. The modular features are great!

PaperTrue Services
Editing and Proofreading services
1 review
Awful customer support experience. It's frustrating to deal with a service that doesn't deliver on its promises or provide adequate assistance.

Rishi Basnet
I am Community supporter
4 reviews
Great opportunity great support and easy to use love it

Jorge L Cabrera


11 reviews
If it is not the best seo plugin for me it is the most complete, I use it in my day to day and I recommend it, they have to continue improving the internal audit that is carried out a little more. But overall I give it 1000 points

Ali Rashidy
Founder at @Notion Startup
17 reviews
I've been using Rank Math on all of my 6 websites for 2 years now and I never thought about changing it, simply the best SEO plugin for WP and helped me ranked #1 multiple times ❤

Lisa Sicard
14 reviews
I'm loving using Rank Math for a new blog. It's so easy to use, costs less than Yoast, and helps you write better blog posts. Love the features and how they add new ones. Support is very good at responding too - quickly.