Rank Math SEO

A FREE powerful and lightweight SEO plugin for WordPress

😻Rank Math is a FREE WordPress SEO plugin to help you supercharge your website
📈Google Search Console Integration
✅Built-in SEO & Content Audit
⚠️404 Error & Redirection Manager
⭐Native support for Rich Snippets
🎁and much more...
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Hey fellow Product Hunters! 👋 Firstly, thanks @kensavage for hunting our plugin. My name is Bhanu Ahluwalia - I'm one of the founders of the Rank Math SEO 📈 plugin for WordPress. We've been building Rank Math for almost 4 years now and it originally launched as a private beta just a few months ago. We've gotten tons of feedback, and over 20,000 installs since, and think we're finally ready to introduce Rank Math to the world. At its core, Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress but it's actually much more than that. It does everything you'd expect from a fully-fledged search engine optimization plugin and more. We created Rank Math with the intention of designing it to be a fully-functional SEO suite that lives right inside your WordPress dashboard. THE PROBLEM ❓ Existing search engine optimization plugins for WordPress are either bloated, lack essential features or cost a lot of money. After dealing with this problem ourselves for years, we decided it was time for someone to step in and pick up from where the others dropped the ball. THE SOLUTION ✅ We built Rank Math. A WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that has everything you need to optimize your website - with new features released on a fast development timeline and support that you can actually rely on. Rank Math already goes above and beyond other top rated SEO plugins - most of which cost money, are loaded with annoying upsells and bloated code. THE ROADMAP 🎯 We have been and continue to work day and night to perfect and improve Rank Math so you'll be pleased to hear we have some exciting new features lined up that will be rolling out in the months and weeks to come. WE NEED YOU 🙏 I can't wait to hear what you have to say about Rank Math. Learn more on our website and install the plugin (which we actually use on our own website) on all of your websites today. Let us know if you have any feedback or questions in the comments - we'll be joining the conversation! ❤️
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@kensavage @bhanuahluwalia I absolutely love Rank Math! Thank you for creating Rank Math, I can't wait for everything that's planned 💪🏼
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@alexjpanagis Thank you so much for appreciating the hard work we have put in the plugin. Definitely, we are working on making our Roadmap public in the coming weeks so everyone's informed of the upcoming features and the plans.
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@kensavage @bhanuahluwalia Rank math is a great plugin not only rich in SEO but many other features that a website wants.
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@bhanuahluwalia Lots of love for Rank Math. Keep up the good work mate!
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@bhanuahluwalia - congrats. this plugin looks great and i will give it a go. just wondering how you plan on making money on this plugin.
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This looks fantastic and just in time as I've been personally fed up with Yoast. Thank you!
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@nick_eubanks I use Yoast too. Just curious -- what are you fed up with? Wondering if I should be fed up too!
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@nick_eubanks Thank you so much for leaving a comment, it means a lot to me. I would love to hear your valuable feedback on what you like and dislike about the Rank Math plugin. We can definitely improve upon that. 🙏
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Rank Math has all the standard features and packs some new features as mentioned above. Which makes it powerful and the support is very good. On top of all of this its free and the product owner confirmed that the current features will remain free for life. No brainer really. I've reviewed the Plugin extensively in my blog: https://www.suganthan.no/blog/ra...


Lightweight, unique features (Schema, AMP, 404+Redirection monitor, Role manager, Deep Google search console integration)


Limited documentation, SEO Analysis is a little over engineered.

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Thank you so much @suganthanmn for leaving your valuable feedback. Sure, we will work on improving the documentation and the analysis in the coming weeks. 🙏

More features for free, without the distractions and annoyances of some of the other choices. Mostly though, the features are great, the UI is great, and it's just a refreshing change from others I've used in the past.


Clear and understandable onboarding and setup process


I think Rank Math is the better alternative

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Hi @donnacavalier Glad you liked the plugin and the interface. We have tried our best to keep the plugin as clean as possible and your appreciation means a lot to us. 🙏
If you are going to try Rank Math is going to be hard that you can find something bad! As for now it all look good! The review that made me think that maybe it was worth it to try it was this one: https://marcodiversi.com/blog/ra... if you are wondering if it's better yoast or rank math you can find more info there and maybe you will able to take a decision and switch to it! Thanks for making this plugin for free!! (keep it free btw)
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