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#1 Product of the WeekMarch 06, 2019
😻Rank Math is a FREE WordPress SEO plugin to help you supercharge your website
📈Google Search Console Integration
✅Built-in SEO & Content Audit
⚠️404 Error & Redirection Manager
⭐Native support for Rich Snippets
🎁and much more...
  • Meenakshi Agarwal
    Meenakshi AgarwalCofounder @ TechBeamers.com

    A lightweight and single solution to boost SEO and both internal/external linking.


    Sitemap strategy is not clear.

    Would one need to remove Yoast sitemap from Google webmaster and re-submit the new one? Also, does it replace the redirection plugins and migrate the previously redirected links as well?

    Meenakshi Agarwal has used this product for one day.
  • Suganthan Mohanadasan
    Suganthan MohanadasanDigital marketing consultant

    Lightweight, unique features (Schema, AMP, 404+Redirection monitor, Role manager, Deep Google search console integration)


    Limited documentation, SEO Analysis is a little over engineered.

    Rank Math has all the standard features and packs some new features as mentioned above. Which makes it powerful and the support is very good. On top of all of this its free and the product owner confirmed that the current features will remain free for life. No brainer really.

    I've reviewed the Plugin extensively in my blog: https://www.suganthan.no/blog/ra...

    Suganthan Mohanadasan has used this product for one month.
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Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
Hey fellow Product Hunters! 👋 Firstly, thanks @kensavage for hunting our plugin. My name is Bhanu Ahluwalia - I'm one of the founders of the Rank Math SEO 📈 plugin for WordPress. We've been building Rank Math for almost 4 years now and it originally launched as a private beta just a few months ago. We've gotten tons of feedback, and over 20,000 installs since, and think we're finally ready to introduce Rank Math to the world. At its core, Rank Math is an SEO plugin for WordPress but it's actually much more than that. It does everything you'd expect from a fully-fledged search engine optimization plugin and more. We created Rank Math with the intention of designing it to be a fully-functional SEO suite that lives right inside your WordPress dashboard. THE PROBLEM ❓ Existing search engine optimization plugins for WordPress are either bloated, lack essential features or cost a lot of money. After dealing with this problem ourselves for years, we decided it was time for someone to step in and pick up from where the others dropped the ball. THE SOLUTION ✅ We built Rank Math. A WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin that has everything you need to optimize your website - with new features released on a fast development timeline and support that you can actually rely on. Rank Math already goes above and beyond other top rated SEO plugins - most of which cost money, are loaded with annoying upsells and bloated code. THE ROADMAP 🎯 We have been and continue to work day and night to perfect and improve Rank Math so you'll be pleased to hear we have some exciting new features lined up that will be rolling out in the months and weeks to come. WE NEED YOU 🙏 I can't wait to hear what you have to say about Rank Math. Learn more on our website and install the plugin (which we actually use on our own website) on all of your websites today. Let us know if you have any feedback or questions in the comments - we'll be joining the conversation! ❤️
Alex Panagis
Alex Panagis@alexjpanagis
@kensavage @bhanuahluwalia I absolutely love Rank Math! Thank you for creating Rank Math, I can't wait for everything that's planned 💪🏼
Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
@alexjpanagis Thank you so much for appreciating the hard work we have put in the plugin. Definitely, we are working on making our Roadmap public in the coming weeks so everyone's informed of the upcoming features and the plans.
Afrinik@afrinik · Blog posting and writer
@kensavage @bhanuahluwalia Rank math is a great plugin not only rich in SEO but many other features that a website wants.
Suganthan Mohanadasan
Suganthan Mohanadasan@suganthanmn · Digital marketing consultant
@bhanuahluwalia Lots of love for Rank Math. Keep up the good work mate!
EbrahimKhalil Hassen
EbrahimKhalil Hassen@ebrahimkhalil · Entrepreneur
@bhanuahluwalia - congrats. this plugin looks great and i will give it a go. just wondering how you plan on making money on this plugin.
nick eubanks
nick eubanks@nick_eubanks · Founder, From The Future
This looks fantastic and just in time as I've been personally fed up with Yoast. Thank you!
Ajay Goel
Ajay Goel@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
@nick_eubanks I use Yoast too. Just curious -- what are you fed up with? Wondering if I should be fed up too!
Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
@nick_eubanks Thank you so much for leaving a comment, it means a lot to me. I would love to hear your valuable feedback on what you like and dislike about the Rank Math plugin. We can definitely improve upon that. 🙏
Vivek Sancheti
Vivek Sancheti@evivz · Co-Founder CryptoGround.Com
Finally we have some good competitor to Yoast. They did so many blunders recently. Will try on few sites and update back here.
Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
@evivz Thank you for trying the plugin and we look forward to hearing back from you. I'm hopeful you will like the plugin a lot, like we do when using it on our websites.
Ajay Goel
Ajay Goel@parttimesnob · Founder, Wordzen
@evivz I've been a longtime user of Yoast, but I just let it run passively in the background. I'm wondering -- what are the recent blunders? I'd be happy to try Rank Math. Just want to know where Yoast is lacking.
Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
Hi Ajay (@parttimesnob ), Thanks for your interest in Rank Math - I really urge you to check it out. It firstly isn’t unheard of for other top SEO plugins to have some serious performance issues but there are a ton of things on top of that. One of the main ones being the types of markup that Rank Math supports but Yoast simply doesn’t. Yoast’s only implementation of proper schema markup has been for a ‘how-to’ block which is often referred to as an ‘FAQ’ element. On the other hand, Rank Math has everything from reviews, recipes, articles, books, courses, events, music and more. Also, the on-page tests we do actually make sense compared to what other plugins run. I could go on for quite a while but that would make this answer longer than it already is 😅 The reason this matter is because the overall theme with SEO last & this year, specific to Google, was probably around how much emphasis Google has put towards structured data and schema. We have a detailed comparison between the two which you can check here: https://rankmath.com/yoast-alter... Please let me know if you have any further questions and I will be more than happy to assist. 🙏 P.S. I love GMass BTW and the way you personally take care of every customer. I remember you replying yourself when I once faced an issue, that was heroic. 😍
Great alternative to Yoast, who have dropped the ball recently.
Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
@tomblackshire Awesome, Tom! 🥳 Thanks for sharing your experience with Rank Math - this is what motivates us to keep improving, innovating and striving to make Rank Math better every single day...
Mani Karthik
Mani Karthik@manikarthik · Just a curious guy.
Looks good. I've been looking for an alternative to Yoast for some time but never found one that I was really confident about. The thing I hate about Yoast is that it's sometimes too clunky and individual fine settings aren't available. The wizard is supposed to make things easy but it doesn't give you access to fine settings. While that is OK, as an advanced SEO user, it is frustrating. To top that, they had those recent blunders that make me wary of using such a product. I've tried Ultimate SEO and All in SEO as well, which are good. But over the years, they've undergone ownership changes and that shows in the product. This looks like a product developed by someone/a team passionate about SEO and glad that you addressed the speed part, head on. Speed is one of the biggest factors affecting WP sites these days and I'm a sucker for anything that can save me another second. Loved the way features are laid out. I hope it works great. (yet to test). - Why isn't there an About us page on your site? I was trying to see who's behind this and couldn't find anything (of course, I can see it here, but still). Yoast, had Joost De Valk behind it and he added credibility to the product. (Even though the team broke our hearts with those recent hiccups). I'm super wary of who I'm giving access to my website through plugins, so it'd be helpful if you could add more transparency there. (I searched you on Twitter but couldn't find anything) - What is the price? I couldn't find any mention of the price on the website, although it was mentioned "Free" and at some place, hinted that "right now all features are free". Do you intend to put a price later? Is there any cost now? Does the free version have any limitations? - Can you add the option to add GA code too through this plugin, cos there's already another plugin I have to add to enable it. And since you have GS console integrated, it probably would make sense to shed additional weight from other SEO related plugins and roll it all into one. (not sure if this feature is currently available) Thanks and looking forward to using it.
Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
@manikarthik Hi Mani, thanks for the kind words. We've worked very hard to get Rank Math to where it is now and aren't stopping anytime soon! I can't wait for you to try it out and start using it on all of your websites 😎 For the About Us page, the new website was laid out quite recently and we will soon be putting up an About Us page in the coming weeks. Thank you for reminding that. I'm not active on Twitter or any social media website for that matter. I do have the accounts but I don't use them. Sorry if that is an inconvenience. Though, I can always be reached directly via my email address, bhanu.a@rankmath.com We do not have any premium plan for the plugin. All the features inside the plugin are completely free and we will not be charging for them ever. We might introduce a premium version of the plugin down the line but that will not limit or strip any feature we are offering for free in the plugin. Will definitely see how we can incorporate the Google Analytics in the plugin. We are adding only those features in the plugin which we battle-tested and working really fast. Do not want to end up doing everything but achieving perfection in nothing. I hope you understand. I personally prefer Analytify for anything related to Google Analytics. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I'll be more than happy to assist.
Bhanu Ahluwalia
Bhanu AhluwaliaMaker@bhanuahluwalia · Co-Founder Rank Math
@manikarthik Updated my comment above. Sorry for not replying to everything in my previous reply.