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The best alternatives to Open Laravel are Enlightn for Laravel, Awesome Python, and Chip. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Open Laravel
Build your ideal workflow with 200+ customizable templates

  • Think of Enlightn as your performance and security consultant. 120 automated checks that “review” your code, server configurations and more to provide actionable recommendations on improving your Laravel app’s ...

  • A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, packages....

  • Chip was created to be a lightweight alternative to Laravel Spark. It is a drop-in subscription billing UI powered by Stripe and Vue.js components. It allows you to focus your time and energy on building your S...

  • The missing Laravel admin

  • A shareable, bookmarkable cheatsheet for all of Laravel's Artisan commands.

  • A simple and elegant desktop application for managing your Laravel applications. - Execute Artisan commands easily in a nice interface. - Tinker with your project in a magical code editor.

  • LaraNx adds SEO and Theme Management to your Laravel application. LaraNx is built independent of front-end frameworks. Use templates built with webflow, Tailwind or Bootstrap and switch between templates with a...

  • An open-source cross-platform desktop application for Laravel Developers, it's a new way of running Tinker. Simplify the Web Artisan's workflow.

  • Logcrawler collects all your laravel logs into one place. So, you no more need to connect to your production maschine just to see the logs. Use logcrawler and save time.

  • Fluidbm is a free Laravel schema designer that syncs your online model designs to your project using our cli. No download and copy-pasting files anymore. Just run “fluidbm pull” and the job is done.