The best alternatives to NoteMyClub for Clubhouse are Direcon - Instagram Management Tool, Luma Maps, and Floral Zebra. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to NoteMyClub for Clubhouse
Combine project management with your docs & knowledge base

  • Basically, all the tools you need to drive growth at every stage of your Instagram account.

  • You probably haven't met too many people IRL lately... But you're Zooming with people all over the world. Luma Maps let's you visualize your community on a map: 🌍 See & chat with people 🎮 Play geographic game...

  • Floral Zebra allows Clubhouse users to have a text conversation over audio chat. Upvoting system shows the most interesting and important questions or comments, so no more boring events and questions. Floral Ze...

  • Loop creates chatroom from live Clubhouse rooms for speakers and listeners to interact in new ways. Share links, memes, roasts, and Twitter handles all in one place 😌

  • Sharing in Clubhouse should be fast, easy, and convenient. That’s where we come in. Pick a hashtag. Share it in your room. Drop a link. Drop a question. Dropit.

  • Clubhouse is awesome for "I'm here, who can I listen to?", but not yet so awesome for scheduling future events and ensuring you don't miss your favorite mod. ====== YoYo helps moderators take their audience fro...

  • Casthouse podcast hosting. Record Upload and Share your Clubhouse Podcast. You can report and remove recordings without permission.

  • Tiny Talk is bringing back social serendipity through randomly coordinated 7-minute 1:1 video chats amongst friends -- it's like ChatRoulette, but with your friends.