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Beyond a past life as a UX peep — I did spend a decade at an org that was obsesses with sticky notes for meetings to workshops and more. I always did wonder how those gathering them at the end made any sense and got more value out of them. I can see how how all those folks should be signing up for Notably to analyze data and uncover insights. So I've been glad to support @allisongrayce and @bamariefuller for a while now. I'm also excited by and loving their OpenAI/ChatGPT experiment and can see how this functionality can be embedded deeper into the product over time.:

Alec Levin
3 reviews
Big fan of Notably and what they are building. Researchers and folks doing research need more powerful tools to keep up with the constant demand to learn about customers, and there are not many places you can turn for help. Enter Notably, an amazing tool that supports you in the analysis and synthesis parts of your research - the hardest part. I know the research space as well as anyone, and I've been lucky to get to know this awesome team.

Taylor Palmer
Product Designer, Co-Creator of UX Tools
6 reviews
Been aware of Notably for a while and now excited to be on a team that's using it. I think the UX research space is ready for a tech disruption, and Notably feels like it's on the bleeding edge (especially with their early implementation of GPT-4).

Can Sofyalioglu
Full Stack Engineer
12 reviews
Review of Notably
There is no unsunscribe link in emails. Just say that "PS: If you don't want to hear from me anymore, just let me know"
Allison Grayce
This oversight was corrected shortly after the launch. Would appreciate an updated review since it's not a review of the product itself. Thank you!

Eric Sharpe
CEO of Digital Envy
5 reviews
Great product and awesome team. Easy to use for customer research across multiple sources.

My name is Eddie
1 review
Review of Notably
Notably does what you always want your software to do: be simple, yet so powerful things. The ability to upload CSVs of research data and then group that data into topics and themes, has made viewing data through a different lens so much easier. It’s also rare to have a data driven interface (table) so well synced with a visual driven interface (the sticky note view). It’s nice to be able to use the same data in the view that’s most important.

1 review
Notably's biggest flex for me centers around it's fluid workflow and the ability to classify data effortlessly. Because I'm often taking my design hat off and diving into research, Notably has encouraged me to adopt more efficient methods when conducting my studies, inspiring some pretty juicy insights and recognition from my peers. Typically after primary & secondary research I'm highlighting key bits in Notably and sending them off to the canvas to group themes, finally exporting to spreadsheet to share with my team. Big shout out to the Notably team, Allison, Brittany & Jessica. They treat customers like family and have an incredibly passionate, driving-force behind their mission and Notably.

Nikita Kalra
Enthusiastic Philosopher
8 reviews
I am a great admirer of Notably and their impressive efforts toward building advanced tools for researchers and those engaged in research work. With the ever-growing need to gain insights about customers, there are limited options available for assistance and Notably fills that void efficiently.

Lauren McGovern
1 review

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Review of Notably
We've been trying Notably for design research and I'm really impressed. The product solves a much-needed need—particularly in the day of remote collaboration—for aggregating, synthesizing, and interpreting research findings. Not only that, but the product team is extremely responsive and helpful. They've already fulfilled several feature improvement requests I and others have made. I definitely recommend Notably and can't wait to continue using it with my team!