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What is Uprise?
Uprise looks at your *whole* financial picture and tells you exactly what to do with your money: tax strategies, the best accounts, investment best practices, which benefits to use, etc. We've found an average $1.5M (!) in net worth per user so far.

Uprise tech stack

We're aware of 8 technologies that Uprise is built with. Uprise utilizes products like Google, Intercom in their tech stack

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Uprise Embedded
We empower financial companies to embed high quality human+AI-powered financial advisory into their offerings - unlocking new revenue, building stronger relationships with their users, and offering a higher level of service with holistic financial planning.
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Uprise Best Stock Options Tax Calculator
The tax bill for your startup stock options can be shocking. ISOs in particular can trigger AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax). There's calculators out there, but all the ones we saw were out of date and/or didn't cover state taxes, so we built the one we wanted :)
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