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What is MindsDB?
MindsDB is an Open-Source Machine Learning Platform that is built for the modern-day Full-Stack Developer. Merge the capabilities of your database with popular ML frameworks to radically simplify the process of applying machine learning to applications.
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MindsDB tech stack

We're aware of 13 technologies that MindsDB is built with. MindsDB utilizes products like Product Hunt, Google in their tech stack

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NLP inside your database
You’ve explored the power of GPT-3 & ChatGPT; now you can apply that power to your own data by bringing GPT-3 to your database with MindsDB, to deliver additional insights & value to your existing data. MindsDB is an Open-Source ML Platform for Developers
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We are an open-source project that enables you to do Machine Learning using SQL directly from the Database. Built by an active community of developers with a mission to simplify Machine Learning by allowing any ML framework to be used from inside any database.
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