A native macOS email client for Gmail
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38 Reviews
Daniel Kotlyarov
Mobile Developer at W1D1
Mimestream is a game-changer for email! Its lightning-fast performance, intuitive interface, and seamless integration with Gmail make managing my inbox a breeze. Finally, an email app that delivers both efficiency and joy. Highly recommended!

A native MacOS email client for Gmail done the right way!!

Jesus Kiteque
Program Manager
1 review
Congrats on the launch @neil_jhaveri. I'm an active user of Mimestream and love the deep integration the platform allows between Gmail and Mac OS, offering great sync speed. Gmail Categories is a must for me and Mimestream handles that pretty well. Looking forward to future deployments.

Joshua Berrios
Frontend Engineer
2 reviews
I am so excited for this launch. It has been a long time coming and lots of hard work. Best Gmail Client experience ever. I have been a faithful user since 2021. Found out about it on Twitter and have never looked back. I am excited to support the development with my wallet lol

Hugo Cornejo
Congrats on the launch folks 🎉 I’ve used Mimestream as my only desktop client since September 2020 and I’ve been impressed with the quality of your work and rigorous approach running this beta for such a long period. Your app feels like one of those “good apps” that were so common back on the Mac OS X Tiger days. Apps where everything feels native but also pushes the envelope here and there to make it a really delightful experience. Mimestream hits that sweet spot 100%. I’ve just subscribed and I only hope you make enough money with this to justify the development of an iOS client so I can get rid of the Gmail app on my iPhone and stop remembering the good old Mailbox days. Congrats again and thanks for creating this little productivity jewel 🙏

Albert Kinng
3 reviews
Mimestream is an outstanding email app that I highly recommend. Since I started using it, I have had no problems or issues. It is easy to set up and allows me to consolidate all of my Gmail accounts in one place. The user interface is intuitive and customizable, making it a pleasure to use. With Mimestream, I can easily manage my emails and keep everything organized. It has been a great experience overall, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient email client.

being human
7 reviews
While I currently am not able to use this app due to no longer having my mac. I loved using it when I did own a mac, and in terms of speed and reliability and seamless connectivity to your Gmail there was nothing better at least based on my own experience, and obviously Gmail itself doesn't count. You really can't go wrong here. Try it!

Tim Scholten
Design Entrepreneur
I am a longtime beta user of Mimestream and it's the only client I use. The simplicity, the speed and the great releases make that I am a fan. Congratulations on a very nice launch and I am happy to pay the yearly fee, because I love the love that goes into the product.

Gmail client dedicated to macOS for the best experience. Simple, smooth, quick to upgrade.

Aleks B
Aleks B
Congrats on launch! This is the best mail client I've ever used. Wish, I could continue to use it with generic IMAP (no longer utilize Gmail service). Hopefully, soon!