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The best alternatives to Mental Help Week are LunaJoy, Helsie, and Wear Your Label. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Mental Help Week
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  • LunaJoy offers online women's holistic mental health counseling and therapy provided by licensed mental health counselors and therapists, including prescriptions.

  • Helsie is an app boosting your mental health. Say hello to your companion reminding you how beautiful you are. Helsie sends you a natural compliment every day. There is no sign up required and data is never lea...

  • Clothing that creates conversations about mental health

  • NeedU was created by three individuals who shared a common experience….. they found it hard to ask for help in time of need To solve this problem, they created a free platform that empowers anyone to ask for he...

  • A free personal guide to help you understand, treat & prevent depression and improve your mental health. Flow represents a new chapter in the understanding and treatment of depression, based on the latest psych...

  • My Affirmations is an Alexa skill that gives you one new empowering affirmation each day to overcome negative thoughts. All you have to do is repeat the affirmation of the day.

  • The VA's National Center for PTSD and Overlap teamed up to create Aware--a mobile health study designed to help understand the relationship between mood and PTSD. Join today. (Almost) All are welcome.