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The best alternatives to Little Lingua are Fluent, VocApp, and FlipWord. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Little Lingua
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  • Learn French, Spanish, or Italian while browsing the web Fluent automatically translates words on websites so you can learn a language while browsing the web. You never have to set aside extra time just to stud...

  • Expand your vocabulary with notifications. Get a a word of the day with sentence examples daily. Add your own words to practice more. Set the widget to review words. Memorize words using flashcards. Want it? - ...

  • FlipWord is a flip card app that allows you to write a word on either side of a card No predefined card list is given to you, design it yourself! Add your own word thanks to automatic translate Learn lot of for...

  • LangKick is a simple app that supplies you with a language notification in your feed. Whether you check your notifications or wait for someone to text you back - drag the notification bar down and use that mome...

  • Learn to identify, write/trace and pronounce Devanagari alphabets with audio/video animated assistive writing.