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What is Kula?
Kula makes recruiting remarkably easy by automating all your sourcing and engagement efforts. Think 4X responses, 6X quicker hires & 8X more referrals. Discovering candidates across LinkedIn, GitHub, engaging with them through a variety of channels, generating personalised messages with in-built AI feature, ensuring emails land in candidate’s primary inboxes, tracking analytics in one-click, automating referral processes, and more, Kula helps you build a superlative candidate pipeline.

Kula tech stack

We're aware of 15 technologies that Kula is built with. Kula utilizes products like Product Hunt, Google in their tech stack

Recent launches

Kula AI
Top candidates are already employed so getting their attention boils down to how good your message is. Enter Kula AI! Generate highly personalised, researched, and thoughtful messages within seconds and automate your touchpoints, to convert 4X more candidates.
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Kula helps you hire 80% faster than before. It automates passive candidate engagement with personalized reach outs across channels. It also creates an exclusive talent pool from the entire company network for a one-click warm intro and referral flow.
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