Magically mutes background noise during calls
Krisp is a superior noise cancelling app that mutes background noise in real time calls. With one click it removes all extraneous noises for incoming and outgoing calls. Available on Windows, Mac, and iOS.
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  • Announcement
    Nominated for Golden Kitty 2020 in Audio and Voice
    The community submitted over 10,500 nominations to tell us what products were their favorites from 2020. Krisp for iOS was nominated in the Audio and Voice category and became finalist of the Golden Kitty Award 2020.
    Feb 19, 2021
  • Launch
    Our Beginner's Work from Home Guide will help you quickly grasp the essentials of working from home, based on years of our knowledge, as well as the expertise of leading remote companies. Benefit from our popular tips & tricks for adapting to this lifestyle.
  • Announcement
    #3 Product of the day
    Krisp Rooms ranked 3rd Product of the day for Mar 13, 2020 with 529 upvotes and 45 comments
    Mar 13, 2020
  • Launch
    Krisp Rooms is an AI-powered noise & echo cancelling app designed for meeting rooms of any size. It works with all popular room system software and cancels background noise & room echo in real-time, leaving only voices of all the participants.
  • Announcement
    #4 Product of the week
    Krisp for iOS ranked 4th Product of the week for Feb 1, 2020 with 1,003 upvotes and 116 comments
    Feb 1, 2020
  • Announcement
    #2 Product of the day
    Krisp for iOS ranked 2nd Product of the day for Jan 30, 2020 with 677 upvotes and 92 comments
    Jan 30, 2020
  • Launch
    Krisp is a revolutionary noise-free meeting and mobile dialer for business calls. It connects to your conference meetings and mutes the background noise leaving only clean human voice. The noise removal is done in real time thanks to AI-powered NC technology.
  • Announcement
    #5 Product of the month
    Krisp Windows ranked 5th Product of the month for Jun 30, 2019 with 1,488 upvotes and 87 comments
    Jun 30, 2019

Questions about Krisp

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Krisp is considered to be safe and secure.

According to their site, Krisp Backend “doesn't use passwords which makes it very lightweight from a security perspective.“ Krisp uses Google Sign-in, SSO, and email code verification for all user sign-in events.

Regarding payment, Krisp leverages Stripe which means that no credit card info or financial information is stored on Krisp itself.

For more detailed information regarding Krisp and its safety and security protocols, please click here.

Yes, Krisp really does work.

According to Trustpilot, out of the 227 reviews given on Krisp, they average 4.5 out of 5 stars. 89% of those reviews rated Krisp as being “Excellent.“

Yes - for its most basic plan, Krisp is free forever.

Krisp offers multiple pricing plans for consumers, depending on their needs

  • Personal, $0 Free forever
  • Personal Pro, $5 per month
  • Teams, small teams up to 50, $5 per user/month
  • Enterprise, custom

Krisp is a noise-canceling app which removes background noise for your business calls.

It works on both ends of a call, meaning that not only will you not hear the background noise from the other call participants, but they will also not hear the background noise from your end. Working in real time and without lags, Krisp basically positions itself between your microphone and your communication app to form a protective noise-canceling layer.

Krisp was the recipient of the following awards:

  • #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on January 30, 2020
  • #4 Product of the Week on Product Hunt on January 30, 2020
  • Audio and Voice Award for Product Hunt's 2020 Golden Kitty Awards